Artwork by Tracy Hart

Name:� Povie Moster
Age: ?
Species: Male Chokta
Quote: "Mmmmmmm I do so love a solid business partnership"

Povie Moster
Dex: 3d+1 Knw: 4d Mech: 1d+1 Per: 3d Str: 2d Tech: 2d
Blaster Alien Species: 10d Sensors: 3d Con: 10d+1    
Dodge: 8d+2 Business: 12d+1 Communications: 6d Bargain: 10d+2    
Running: 5d Business: 5d+1 Persuasion: 7d Hide: 4d+2    
  Law Enforcement: 7d   Gambling: 8d    
  Specialization: Sector Rangers: 9d+1        
  Streetwise: 14d        
  Specialization: all        
        Planetary Systems:14d  
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points:10
Move:16 (CLIMBING)

Force Resistance: Chokta minds are resistant to Jedi mind probing. Add 4D to difficulty.