Name: A'Sok Thurgood
Type: Hacker
Age: 27
Alias: Varies
Quote: "So, who do you want to be today?"

A'Sok Thurgood
Dex: 2d+2 Knw: 3d+1 Mech: 3d Per: 3d+2 Str: 3d Tech: 2d+2
Blaster: 5d Bureaucracy: 4d+1 Ground Vehicle Operations: 3d Command: 3d+2 Brawling: 3d Computer Programming/ Repair: 4d
Dodge: 5d Specialization: Imperial Military: 5d Repulsor Ops: 3d Bargain: 3d+2 Lifting: 3d Droid Programming: 4d
Melee Combat Intimidation: 3d+2 Sensors: 4d Search: 4d Stamina: 3d Security: 5d
Melee Parry Law Enforcement: 3d+2 Communications: 3d+1 Forgery: 6d Swimming: 3d+2  
Missile Weapons: 4d Streetwise: 4d Starship Weapons: 4d Investigation: 5d+2 Climbing/Jumping: 3d  
  Value: 3d+1   Persuasion: 4d Specialization: Martial Arts: 7d  
      Con: 4d+1    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 2
A'sok can hold his breath for up to five minutes because of his species.
    A'sok knows the following Martial Arts moves:
  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Weapon Block
  • Multiple Strikes
Bio: Born on the planet of Baldin, A'sok thought his life would not have much adventure. He soon learned that being a near human amphibian had its advantages, so he began a life of infiltration and espionage. The adventure really started for him when he met the members of Raptor Squad.

After a few months A'sok proved to be a valuabe team member, especially at Operation Windfall, when he successfully stole the secret plans for a large shield projector the empire eventually used at Endor.

A'sok's death was tragic and unnecessary. It will be sometime before Raptor Squad can replace this team emember and sometime before they will be able to put this loss behind them.

Code Slicer(+1d to Security)
Dark Gray Coveralls
Fastflesh Medpack
Blast Vest: +1d Physical, +1d Energy
3 Fake ID's
5 Energy Cells

(1) Vibro Daggers:(str+3d)

(1) Merr Sonn Quick-4 Blaster Pistol: 4d

T-6 Thunderer Blaster Pistol: 6d+2

73,000 credits