BACA-1 Personal Droid Armor

Type: customized droid brain/integrated Armor
Dex: 0d *
Know: 4d
Languages: 10d
Cultures: 5d
Value: 6d
Alien Species: 6d


Perception: 3d

Strength: 0d *

Tech: 4d
Armor repair: 6d
Comp pro: 4d:
Droid prog: 4d
Security: 5d
Weapon analysis: 7d
Demolitions: 4d
size: .2m x .4m box
Move: 0 (3 in armoror body)
Equipped with:

High frequency binary comlink
Internal Comlink
Internal Scomplink
External Scomplink
Retractable Holocam (360 field of vision, macro binoculars)
Sensor package
range: 0-10/25/50
Halo scanner

*armor droid body gives dex 2d and str 2d

Capsule: After his encounters with a very technical galaxy , Baal felt he needed a guide to help him in the areas he lacked skills. This is where BACA-1 one comes in. He fits into a backpack that Baal wears most of the time. When Baal needs something technical built he places Baca into the armoror body.