Netfali Arms Triple Barrel Light Repeating Blaster

Model: Netfali Arms Triple Barrel Light Repeating Blaster

Scale: Character

Skill: Blaster

Range: 3-50/70/125

Fire Control: 1d+2


Ammo: Varies

Cost: 2200 credits

The Netfali Arms Light Repeating Blaster was the first in a long line of experimental weapons from this independent arms dealer. The weapon, while very formidable was also very erratic given the design. Initially, the triple barrel design allowed the discharge of 3 bolts at a time. However, this proved costly since it quickly drained the power pack necessary to operate the weapon. Given this fact, the weapon, after its initial roll out, became highly unpopular with warriors who saw any long term combat. With 8 pulls of the trigger a soldier would have to replace the power pack, and while the demage it inflicted was great, the time needed to reload was unacceptable. This weapon was discontinued, however, given the number that was made, is still possible to find in many outer rim sectors. Some industrious individuals have modified the blaster, so that a pull of the trigger can release anywhere from 1-3 bolts at a time. While this is unpredictable at best, it does increase the longevity of the power pack and insures at least one very powerful blast from the gun, if not three. Very popular for those situations where subtlety is not a necessity.

GM NOTES: Upon firing the weapon a player must roll 1d6. A result of 1-2 =1 bolt, 3-4=2 bolts, and 5-6=3 bolts.

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