Black Light is a spec forces team that has only been in the New Republic for a relatively short amount of time. In that time however, they have managed to amass a mercenary reputation that is rumored to sometimes lead them to stray outside the boundaries of conventional New Republic Military procedure. Nonetheless, the CO, Sgt. Qualto, runs a tight ship and has garnered high marks from some of the upper brass, and, in some cases, appears to be encouraged to take extreme steps to get results-which only adds to his team's reputation as loners and outcasts.

Sgt. Qualto

While officers in the New Republic military come from all walks of life, some have followed paths much darker than others. Sgt. Qualto, by his own admission, led the early part of his life as a pirate and cutthroat, lurking along the space lanes with a group of undesirables, taking what they wanted from whom they wanted. None of this can be verified however, and if the man has crimes to account for, they have yet to be discovered. While many officers boast about past exploits to impress colleagues, Sgt. Qualto seems to hope for an opposite reaction-one of horror. Still, Qualto’s leadership abilities can’t be ignored, and has proven this on numerous missions throughout the galaxy.

Cpl. Pol'furo

Like Cpl. Horando, Cpl. Pol’furo, a Wroonian pilot assigned to Black Light upon their acceptance into the New Republic lost his life while on the Trevas Waystation Operation that saw Black Light suffer hyperdrive malfunctions that stranded them in space. Reports filed by the commanding officer indicate Cpl. Pol’furo suffered a form of dementia that caused him his life. His body was returned to his family and he was given a soldiers funeral service on Home One.

Cpl. Kriegs

Unwaveringly loyal to Sgt. Qualto, Cpl. Kriegs is a female Ubese who is as lethal with her blaster rifle as she is with her bare hands. An accomplished hand-to-hand specialist, Kriegs has been with Qualto since he joined the New Republic. Little is known about her life beforehand, though it is rumored she served as hired muscle for the Black Sun Syndicate for several years. Unfortunately, this entry has been logged after the unfortunate events at Eldrick Outpost where Cpl.Kriegs lost her life.

Cpl. Zoobie

Towering above most of her peers, Cpl. Zoobie is tall, muscular and possessing of a sadistic streak a kilometer wide. The heavy weapons specialist in Black Light, Zoobie has little patience for insubordination and is quick to jerk any wayward soldier back into line at a moments notice. Like all of Black Light, Zoobie is fiercely loyal to Sgt. Qualto and has spent some time in bacta when she risked her life to save his. Little else is known about Cpl. Zoobie, other than Sgt. Qualto recruited her from a mercenary unit operating in the Outer Rim territories. Unfortunately, this entry has been logged after the unfortunate events at Eldrick Outpost where Cpl. Zoobie lost her life.

Pvt. Elfingtor

Pvt. Elfingtor is Black Light’s demolition specialist. Little of her past is on file, but what is known is that she was a recent recruit added shortly before the Eldrick Outpost incident. Versed in all manner of incendiaries and explosive devices, Elfingtor is handy with standard New Republic weaponry, as well as most Imperial ordinance.

Pvt. Frost

Pvt. Frost is a female Advosec, and former member of “The Granite Ghosts” a New Republic Specforce Urban Recon squad. She was transferred to Black Light after an incident saw the granite Ghosts loose 80% of their team in a brutal ambush. Unfortunately, Pvt. Frost lost her life as one of the first victims in the incident at Eldrick Outpost.

Pvt. Add'ion

Pvt. Add’ion is Black Light’s communication specialist. A female Zabraki, Add’ion had been with the Rebellion for several years before joining Black Light and temporarily filling in during one of their ops. Afterwards she requested a full transfer to the unit, which was immediately granted. Versed in all manner of communication and encryption software and hardware, Pvt. Add’ion is handy with standard New Republic weaponry, as well as most Imperial ordinance.