Name: Cyruce Blaac
Type: New Republic Interrogator
Age: 41
Alias: None
Quote: "This won't take long. Shut the door behind you as you leave."

Cyriuce Blaac
Dex: 2d+2 Knw: 3d+2 Mech: 2d Per: 4d Str: 2d+2 Tech: 3d
Blaster: 5D willpower: 9d+2 astrogation: 4d command: 7d+2   first aid: 4d+2
Lightsaber: 8d+2 alien species: 7d astrogation: 4d hide:8d   lightsaber Repair:6d+2
Melee Combat: 6d+1 languages: 5d space transports: 4d persuasion: 7d+2    
Melee Parry: 6d+1 bureaucracy: 6d+2 starfighter piloting: 4d+2 Specialization:Debate:10d+2    
Dodge: 5d intimidation: 8d+2 sensors: 2d+2 sneak: 5d+2    
  scholar: Psychology: 11d starship piloting: 4d      
  Specialization:Interrogation: 10d+2 starship shileds: 4d      
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 4
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 15

Lightsaber Comabt
Detect Lie
Receptive Telepathy
Projective Telepathy
Sense Force
Sense Force Potential
Sense Path
Control Pain
Reduce Injury
Magnify Senses
Affect Mind.
Bio: Very little about Cyriuce is known except by a few key individuals inside the New Republic. He is very secretive about his past and keeps mostly to himself when around other New Republic personnel. Some of the methods that he uses when interrogating individuals are suspect and the subject of rampant rumors. Secretly, Cyriuce believes that this speculation and fear add to his mystique and increases the probability of retrieving information from individuals, therefore, he makes no attempt to debunk the rumors. Raptor Squadís encounters with Cyriuce have been strained to say the least and Baal doesnít trust Cyriuce completely. Klux as well suspects that there is more to Cyriuce, perhaps a dark element to his past. The rest of Raptor Squad knows there is more to his story, but only time will tell the truth surrounding this mysterious individual.