Name: Pvt. Angel Per'karr
Type: New Republic Soldier
Age: 27
Species: Zeltron/Lorrdian

Quote: "I'm fine, everything is under control."

Angel Per'karr
Dex: 4d **(6d) Knw: 2d Mech: 2d+1 Per: 4d **(7d) Str: 3d+1 **(5d+1) Tech: 2d+1
Blaster: 6D Survival: 4d+1 Repulsor Ops:5d+1 *Body Language: 7d+2 Brawling: 4d+2 Computer Programming/ Repair: 3d
Dodge:5d+2 Alien Species: 6d+2 Sensors: 5d+1 Sneak: 6d+1 Specialization: Martial Arts : 6d+1 Demolitions: 5d+1
Melee Combat: 6d Streetwise: 4d+2 Communications: 3d Hide: 4d+2 Stamina: 6d+1 Security: 4d+2
Specialization::Vibroswords: 8d Languages: 4d+2 Vehicle Gunnery: 4d+2 Search: 6d+1 Climbing/Jumping: 7d+1  
Melee Parry:7d+1   Starship Gunnery: 5d Bargain: 7d +2 Swimming: 4d+2  
Brawling Parry:5d+2     Con: 7d+1    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 3
Move:10 **(13)

(12) Vials of "White Velocity" Drug.

(2) Vibrosowrds: Str+2d+2
Blaster Carbine: 4d
Blaster pistol: 4d
  • +2d vs Physical, +1d+2 vs Energy, NO DEX penalty
    Stealth Coating, it is an integrtated stealth field generator that hides the wearer from visual and sensor based scans for up to 15 mins. (+3d to sneak)

* Due to Species Advantage
** When Augmented with White Velocity Drug