Name: Deuce
Type: Female Twilek Soldier
Age: 26
Quote: "Just put two in his head and get back to work."

Dex: 3d+1 Knw: 3d+1 Mech: 2d+1 Per: 3d+2 Str: 3d Tech: 2d+1
Blaster: 5D Survival:4d Repulsorlift Ops: 3d+2 Command Brawling: 5d Demolitions: 3d+2
Firearms: 6d Specialization: Jungle: 5d Hover Vehicle Ops: 3d+2 Search: 4d Specialization:Martial Arts: 6d+2 Computer programming/repair: 2d+2
Grenade     Sneak: 5d Climbing/Jumping:4d+2 First Aid: 3d+1
Dodge: 4d     Hide: 4d    
Melee Combat: 5d          
Specialization: Vibroblade: 6d          
Vehicle Blasters          
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 4

Deuce has the following Martial Arts Skills:
Punch, Kick, Weapon Block, Kerestian Speed Strikes, Kerestian Grisly Fountain

Macro binocular
Lt. Camo Armor: +2d Physical, +1d Energy, -1d to all DEX skills
3 Energy Cells
Vibro Dagger:(str+1d+2)
Blaster Pistol: 4d
A-280 Rifle: 5d+2
(2)H.E. Grenade: 7d/5d/3d range: 3m/5m/7m