Name: Double Zero
Type: New Republic Soldier
Age: Unknown
Quote: "........."

Dex: 3d Knw: 2d Mech: 2d Per: 3d Str: 5d+1 Tech: 4d
Blaster: 7D Survival: 5d+1 Beast Riding:5d Search: 6d+2 Brawling: 6d Computer Programming/ Repair: 4d
Grenade:6d Alien Species: 4d Hover Vehicle Operation: 5d+1 Sneak: 4d Stamina: 6d Blaster Repair:12d
Dodge: 6d Value:6d Repulsorlift Operation: 5d Hide: 6d+2   Specialization Blaster Rifles:13d+2
Melee Combat: 6d Willpower:9d+2 Vehicle Gunnery: 6d+2     Armor Repair: 10d+2
Melee Parry:6d+1   Starship Gunnery: 7d     Demolitions: 9d+2
Brawling Parry:5d+2         Security:4d:2
Vehicle Weapons: 7d          
Missle Weapons: 8d+2          
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GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 5

Blaster Carbine (Modified): 6d+2
Vibroblade: str+3d
Blaster pistol(Modified): 4d+2
(1) Duffelbag full of Detonite: 5d character scale DMG

  • +2d vs Physical, +1d+2 vs Energy, NO DEX penalty
  • Stealth Coating, it is a black reflec polymer coating that hides the wearer from sensor scans(+1d to sneak)

  • Breathing Filters: Protects against Chemical and Biological Weapons
  • Tongue Toggled Comlink
  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS): Assists perception in darkness, smoke and other visibility obscuring conditions. It also assists in aiming of moving targets ( more than 10m per round)
  • Lenses: Prevent flash-blinding. View Plate contains macrobinocular imaging set (1 km range) with UV nightvision.