Working out of Tierfon Station in the Celanon Sector, Vornskr Pack is a highly decorated unit comprised of some of the best soldiers in the New Republic. Vornskr Pack has participated in aiding Raptor Squad and other Spec Ops teams on several high profile missions that has helped cement the New Republic's foothold in the galaxy. Below you will find info on some of the more prolific members of this elite unit.

Lt. Perfo Kryll

The founder and leader of Vornskr Pack. A former soldier in "The Ivory Brigade" on his home planet of Vol Kol, Perfo Kryll's career is a varied and interesting one. After helping former team member Vic Palisades to escape from the planet Vol Kol, Kryll floated from job to job, eventually winding up in the employ of the Empire. While serving on a prisoner transport, Kryll recognized Palisades and orchestrated an escape.
Kryll was recruited into the New Republic shortly thereafter, and based on his credentials and a strong recommendation from Palisades, was offered the position as head of the newly formed Vornskr Pack.

UPDATE: Kryll was recently promoted to Commander in NRI.

Status: Inactive

Sgt. Deuce El'Kar

Sgt. Deuce El'Kar comes from a long line of proud Twi'lek warriors. Her older brother, Sadik, served alongside Kryll and Vic Palisades in the Ivory Brigade before his untimely death at the hands of High Inquisitor Tremayne. Deuce possesses unwavering loyalty for her team members and would gladly give her life for any of them. An expert in hand-to-hand combat, El'Kar is as comfortable behind the sights of a high-powered blaster rifle as she is getting her hands wrapped around the throat of an unfortunate Imperial.

UPDATE: El'Kar was recently promoted to Lieutenant.

Status: Active

Cpl. Hobbie Novan

Hobbie Novan is a valuable asset to Vorsnkr Pack, and has proven his usefulness on more than one occasion. Possessing a gung-ho attitude and happy-go-lucky disposition doesn�t detract from this soldiers professionalism in the heat of combat-where Novan is all business. Born on Gigers Spire space station in the Corporate Sector, Novan was a member of the Blue Xenith Planetary Militia on Blue Xenith before leaving and joining up with the New Republic. Hand picked by Kryll, Novan specializes in computer and database manipulation and code slicing, and has been groomed to take over as second in command should Kryll be reassigned to the Intelligence Division.

Status: Active

Cpl. Rontack

One of the best snipers in the New Republic military can be found in Vornskr Pack. Rontack is a Klatoonian whose deadly aim is matched only by his stoic silence. After serving in the New Republic military for several years, Rontack was assigned to dozens of solitary missions, and when his dossier came across Kryll�s desk at the inception of Vornskr Pack, he wasted no time in putting in the request for the valuable sniper. Little else is known about this deadly soldier�s past, save that he has admitted to having worked for crime lords in his youth and that he was trained to shoot by a seasoned Nikto sniper who works in the Inner Rim.

UPDATE: Rontack was recently killed in the line of duty.

Status: Deceased

Cpl. Double Zero

A complete and total mystery, Cpl. Double Zero�s past is wrapped in Top Secret clearance only the highest of military brass can access. His Species is unknown, and it is merely speculated that he is male. While speculation abounds regarding every facet of Double Zero�s life, what is known is brief. Content to wear his armor all the time, no one has ever reported seeing �DZ�, as he is called by team mates, outside of his glimmering black fa�ade. What is known is that Double Zero is a wizard at weapon enhancement and upgrades. His knowledge of small arms, demolitions and high caliber weaponry is second to none and his role as heavy fire support for Vornskr Pack has proven invaluable. Blindly loyal, Double Zero has put himself in harms way on countless occasions, selflessly sacrificing himself for the safety and preservation of others.

Status: Active

Pvt. Jen Zi

Born on the planet of Blue Xenith in the Corporate Sector, Jen Zi always loved tinkering and fixing droids. This led her to attend Blue Xenith University, where she fell in love with Chevis Nix, a droid engineer. Both graduated and immediately began working for the Empire, for what they thought would be lucrative careers in designing safe, consumer-friendly droid models.
When Nix learned of the true nature of their designs (assassin droids), he stole plans for a new line of droids they had been working on and both fled the facility they had been stationed at. Nix was killed, but Jen Zi escaped with the plans, turning them over to the rebellion. With nowhere else to go, Zi joined the rebellion and was assigned to Vornskr Pack. She now acts as the teams tech specialist, along with her "bodyguard" droid, "Goomi" and several other little helper droids she brings along on various missions.

Status: Active

Pvt. Taan

Taan is a Gand findsman who was brought in to Vornskr Pack to aid in scouting and recon while Cpl. Rontack was on sick leave after being injured during an op. Upon Rontack�s return, it was determined that Taan had become such a valuable part of the team, that he should be kept on board as a permanent member. He has proven to be a capable and competent soldier, and a huge benefit to the team, using his unique talents to scout out areas many soldiers would be reluctant to attempt. A soldier through and through, Taan has done nothing but enhance Vornskr Pack's reputation and value as a new Republic Spec ops team.

UPDATE: Taan was recently killed in the line of duty.

Status: Deceased

Pvt. Angel Per'Karr

Part Lorrdian, part Zeltron, Pvt. Per�karr has, to say the least, made things in Vornskr Pack interesting. Attuned to the emotional states of other beings, Pvt. Per'karr enters every situation with an intuitive edge and fierce determination. Rescued by Vornskr Pack during a mission, she was previously enslaved by a crimelord named "Freyshak" who, according to recent reports, met her untimely demise at the hands of Per'karr. Wielding two vibro-katanas, her skill with the humming weapons is unmatched. Unfortunately, Pvt. Per'karr was injured when a frag grenade exploded near her during a mission and she was forced into sick leave for over a month. Tests and analysis have determined she was fit to return to active duty- only time will tell is this is truly the case.

UPDATE: Per'karr recently went MIA.

Status: MIA

Pvt. Chorce Glick

Armed with youthful exuberance and energy, young Pvt. Glick is a new addition to Vornskr Pack. Living the life of a student on Obroa Skai, Glick was kicked out after he was discovered hacking the schools computer database. While this closed the door on his academic career, it opened another to the New Republic, when a recruiter heard of his escapades and contacted him for assistance on a mission. The rest, as they say, is history and Glick was brought on board, fresh out of drop camp, to train in code slicing and computer programming with Cpl. Novan; Glick has shown some aptitude in small arms and demolitions as well. While still learning the ropes, he has endeared himself to several members of the team, while irritating the rest. Lt. Kryll still sees some promise in the young recruit however, and is keeping a close eye on his progress.

UPDATE: Glick was recently killed in the line of duty.

Status: Deceased

Pvt. Vahri Sa'Mondaley

A native of the outer rim planet Mengali, Pvt. Sa'Mondaley called no fewer than six military units home before landing in Vornskr Pack. Literally, her "last chance" she and the soldiers of Vornskr Pack seem to fit, and after a bumpy beginning, she found that she was with a team she could respect and work well with. An accomplished scout and field medic, Pvt. Sa'Mondaley learned her craft from her father, a shamanic soldier who was an important member of Clan Mondaley on Mengali, a planet ruled by hundreds of Clans who have been in a constant state of warfare for hundreds of years. This environment helped to shape Pvt. Sa'Mondaley into what she is- a hard, resolute warrior.

Status: Active

Pvt. Crash Motash & Rocket

Pvt. Motash has been flying since birth-literally. Born in the cockpit of a YT-2400, Motash was born to a pair of Corellian blockade runners who made a living running freight from one side of the galaxy to the other. Teaching their daughter everything they knew, Motash got first hand experience in flying, often seated in the lap of her father as he evaded countless Imperial �entanglements�. As she got older, Motash decided the life of a blockade runner running illegal cargo was not for her, but the desire to pilot and seek adventure never left. Upon crossing paths with Vornskr Pack on the planet Kashyyyk, she was immediately recruited onto the team, at LT. Kryll's request. Possessing unmatched piloting skills, a dizzying knowledge of the galaxy, it�s hyperspace lanes and the quickest routes through Imperial space makes Crash and her companion R2 unit �Rocket� an invaluable part of Vornskr Pack.

UPDATE: Motash was recently killed in the line of duty.

Status: Deceased

Pvt. Race Moonthall

"Can drink anything brewed, can fly any ship built," is this soldiers motto. While a bit of a boast, the ability and skill of Pvt. Moonthall can't be overlooked. A former pilot hailing from the Corporate Sector, Pvt. Moonthall was a decorated member of the CSA flight corps, until he was betrayed by one of his commanding officers and left for dead, which resulted in the loss of his right arm. Eventually, fortune led him to cross paths with Vornksr Pack member Hobbie Novan. After helping Novan out of a problematic situation involving an angry group of renegade Jawas and a small fusion reactor, Novan recommended Moonthall to Lt. Perfo Kryll who filed the name under possible future recruits. The time came when the team needed a pilot, and Moonthall was on top of the list, proving to be an invaluable asset both behind the stick of a starship and behind the barrel of a blaster pistol.

UPDATE: Moonthall was recently transferred to Special Operations Unit Raptor Squad.

Status: Inactive

Pvt. Reika Paret

A native of the planet Naboo, Pvt. Paret is Vornskr Pack�s infiltration specialist. Paret has a knack for slipping in undetected to some of the most highly guarded locations throughout the galaxy. Recruited on the recommendation of Sgt. El�Kar, Paret, a member of the Naboo Freedom Fighters, has proven to be a handful sometimes, and while heralded for her tech abilities, occasionally finds herself in hot water due to a sharp temper and tendency to speak her mind. However, Kryll seems to welcome this aspect of her personality and takes it in stride. Paret was added to the team after the disastrous events on the Eldrick Outpost depleted the team's personnel.

Status: Active

Cpl. Mitch Vohar

A former Blue Nova Mercenary, Mitch Vohar joined the Rebellion after his employer fired him for not performing �up to company standards.� What this means is still clouded in mystery, though Vohar has implied that he began having strong moral objections to some of the contracts the BNM�s were taking.
An expert in extreme weather survival, Vohar, a veteran of the Battle of Hoth and countless engagements and skirmishes, is also an accomplished sniper, preferring to use a modified slug thrower as his weapon of choice rather than a blaster rifle. He is proficient in various forms of melee combat, specializing in vibroblades and the Kerestian �Darkstick�.
Beyond this, little is known of Mitch Vohar�s past, where he is from or anything relating to the reason for the scar that covers the right side of his face or his green cybernetic eyes. Still, in his short time with Vornskr Pack he has proven himself as a reliable soldier and comrade.

Status: Active