Established as a front to conceal and fund his rebel activities, Vic Palisades founded Jaded Ivory Enterprises on the ice planet Garnib after being liberated from an Imperial prison shuttle by rebel operative Jax Sheba�. Initially starting out in an apartment with nothing more than a freighter and a used droid to take orders and for accounting purposes, Palisades quickly made a name for JIE by his quickness and willingness to go through dangerous territories to make deliveries.
Creating the cover identity of Rodbo Valance to head the company, the name �Jaded Ivory� was in direct reference to his former military unit, the Ivory Brigade. Due to his business savvy and ability to make connections, Palisades hooked up with a local Garnib entrepreneur, Bazal Von Seika, who entered into a partnership with him and bankrolled a new facility and several new freighters, turning the small company into a shipping powerhouse throughout the Garnib system.
Now, JIE is one of the major shipping companies on Garnib, employing over a dozen pilots, running a half-dozen freighters and transporting all manner of fright, though they still primarily ship the valuable Garnib Crystals and popular Garnib seafood. In addition, after the fall of the Empire , Palisades established satellite offices on Mon Joppa, Celanon and Etti IV in the Corporate Sector.
JIE�s success has not only allowed Palisades to fund his rebel activities, it has also allowed him to bank away a small fortune, all directly under the nose of the Empire.

Rodbo Valance

Rodbo Valance is the persona Vic Palisades created to act as owner and CEO of Jaded Ivory Enterprises. Polished, educated and ambitious, Valance treats his employees well and ensures his clients are always satisfied with their service. He�s even become good friends with the Imperial Governor on Garnib, which allows Palisades to secretly spy on the Imperial activities that go on without raising suspicion.

Kalron & Vanas

Hired on at the same time, Kalron Narute and Vanas Drooxf are partners in piloting the JIE ship, the Corellian�s Gambit II. Having no knowledge of JIE�s real purpose, this changed when former Raptor Squad member Ket Adkins attacked JIE. Raptor Squad team member Baal Cocaroth was forced to inform the duo of the terrorists identity and JIE�s true purpose.
Narute, a human is from Corellia while Drooxf, an Ubese is from Uba IV. Both are not only proficient pilots and handy with a blaster pistol, but Drooxf is an expert mechanic who keeps most of the JIE ships running in tip-top condition.


After JIE�s �Business Manager� Cylon was destroyed in an attack by Ket Adkins, Vic decided to upgrade to a more sleek and personable model of droid to deal with new clients. Seilion is a top-of-the-line Personal Assistant and Accounting droid produced by Opti-Prime, fully enhanced with several additional features and specifications requested by Rodbo himself.
In addition, her professional demeanor and attention to detail has increased JIE�s business tenfold, allowing for more ships and more pilots to be hired and vaulting JIE into a legitimate and extremely profitable business. She not only handles JIE�s day to day operations, but interfaces with the company database to route deliveries and calculate the most expedient hyperspace lanes to maneuver to insure prompt and timely delivery of cargo. Given the recent upheaval in territorial lines due to the fall of the Empire and rise of warlords throughout the galaxy, this has made her role in JIE even more important than ever.