Name: Kalron Narute
Type: Former Pirate/ Current JIE Employee
Age: 29
Quote: "Look man, if you need some, you know, help sleeping, I know this fine little Togorian who works the late shift at the �Shifting Plates� "

Kalron Narute
Dex: 3d+2 Knw: 2d Mech: 3d+2 Per: 3d Str: 2d+2 Tech: 3d
Blaster: 4D Streetwise Astrogation: 4d Command Brawling: 3d Demolitions
Grenade Specialization: Mos Eisley: 5d Repulsorlift Ops Bargain: 3d+1 Stamina: 3d Blaster Repair: 3d+1
Dodge: 4d Business: 2d+1 Capital Ship Gunnery Con: 3d+2   Armor Repair: 3d+1
Melee Combat: 4d Languages Starship Gunnery: 6d Forgery   Droid Repair
Brawling Parry: 4d Value Starship Shields: 6d Gambling   Security
Blaster Artillery Specialization: Gems: 6d Space Transports: 6d Specialization: Sabaac: 7d    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 17

DL-18 Blaster Pistol: 4d
Q-2 Holdout Blaster: 3d
Bounty Hunter Armor: +2d Physical, +1d Energy
2 Energy Cells
Vibro Dagger:(str+3d)
4d worth of armor patches

Name: Vanas Drooxf
Type: Outlaw Tech/JIE Employee
Age: ?
Quote: "Vanas has his right arm in the hyperdrive system. Vanas would like to keep said limb. Give Vanas five more minutes."

Vanas Drooxf
Dex: 3d Knw: 3d Mech: 2d+2 Per: 2d+1 Str: 3d Tech: 4d
Blaster: 6D+2 Streetwise: 5d Astrogation Bargain: 4d Brawling: 4d+2 Droid Programming: 8d+2
Missile Weapons: 6d Cultures: 3d+2 Repulsorlift Ops Con: 4d+2 Stamina: 7d Droid Repair: 8d+2
Dodge: 6d Business: 4d+1 Ground Vehicle Ops Forgery: 3d Climbing/Jumping: 4d Specialization: R2 Units: 10d+2
Vehicle Weapons: 6d Languages:5d Hover Vehicle Ops Persuasion: 3d Lifting: 4d Ground Vehicle Repair: 8d
Brawling Parry: 4d+2 Planetary Systems: 4d+2 Space Transports   Swimming: 3d+2 Repulsor Repair: 9d
  Value: 5d Sensors     Specialization: Ubrikkian Cargo Skiff: 11d+2
  Survival: 5d Starship Weapons     Space Transports Repair: 9d
  Specialization: Desert: 7d Starship Shields     Starship Weapons Repair: 9d+2
          Blaster Repair: 7d+2
          Armor Repair: 7d+2
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 5

Anti Personell Netgun: 5D damage
Q-2 Holdout Blaster: 3d
Ubese Raider Armor: +2d vs Physical, +2d vs Energy
  • Motor Sensory Array: +1d to SEARCH
  • Wrist Lasers: 4d
  • Flashguard Visor
  • Sealed Enviro Filter
2 Energy Cells
(1) Sentinel IV Pistol: 5d+2
Flechette Launcher: 5/4/3 DMG (Speeder Scale)