Existing for millennia, the Mew-Tao is the religion practiced by a clan of Trianni warriors who live on the Corporate Sector world of Fibuli. Based on principals of understanding, acceptance and inner peace through study, communal reliance and prosperity, the Mew-Tao are generally thoughtful, inquisitive and loyal, but fiercely independent. Distinctive from other Trianni clans by the fact that they are genetically disposed to being Force Sensitive, this trait has assisted in their longevity, but has also caused them undue distress and problems, dating back to their beginnings, when research shows they held very early connections with the Sith.
Time and attrition however severed that bond, though the fear that those teachings and ties circumvented the passage of time still dominates the leaders of the Mew-Tao, who have the unenviable task of keeping the clan hidden from the roving watchdogs of Emperor Palpatine and High Inquisitor Tremayne- the former who would like nothing more than to see them killed, while the latter is focused on enslaving and using their abilities to create his own army of Force-Sensitive warriors.

Yahwell Grismarr

After the death of Tha'Ressel, the High Priestess of the Trianni religious clan the Mew Tao, Grismarr ascended into the position on the clan's home planet of Fibuli. During the Corporate Sector crackdown recently in that sector, she was instrumental in preserving the clan's unity, leading them to take refuge in a hidden sanctuary deep within the Fibuli jungles.
After being routed from the Hidden City they took refuge in the last available spot- atop a mountain in the Grand Feorn Mountains in an open-air temple known as Shandor's Summit. It was here the Mew-Tao launched a last stand against the Corporate Sector Espo's and Ventral Warriors sent by High Inquisitor Tremayne. The timely arrival by Baal allowed the Mew-Tao to escape, though Grismarr was mortally wounded in the attack and later perished as a result of her wounds.

Lana Fegarn

One of the last remaining members of the Mew-Tao, Lana was first introduced to Raptor Squad when she returned from a volatile tenure on the freighter "The Brazen Gambit", which, at the time was captained by Raptor Squad's own Khara Doone.
After Yahwell's death and Shera'Shaon's disappearance, Lana took over as High Priestess and began rebuilding and recruiting new followers for the Mew-Tao in their new temple on Garnib.


Groomed to take over as High Priestess should anything ever happen to Grismarr, Shera'Shaon is intelligent as she is fierce, manipulating Mew-Tao followers as easily as her weapons. Feeling that Grismarr's policies and strategies are weak and prone to failure, Shera was slowly biding her time to take over when she was captured by High Inquisitor Tremayne.
Sensing the young Trianni's potential as a Force-Sensitive, he kept her alive, utilizing her drive and desire to assist in the formation and training of his private army of genetically-enhanced Trianni Warriors.


The mate of Shera'Shaon and childhood training partner and friend of Baal Cocaroth, Grentall is a tall, loud, boisterous Mew-Tao Protector who claims he is the best swordsman of the clan- a boast that few would dispute.
Always supportive of his mate, this has often put him in some precarious situations with High Priestess Grismarr, but his loyalty to the clan and invaluable skills invariably win out in the end and he is forgiven for having such radical views. He was captured along with Shera on Fibuli and kept alive by Tremayne to act as her bodyguard and assistant in the building of his private army.

Baal Cocaroth

Trained by his father, a Mew-Tao Protector, Baal has always been a loyal and ambitious follower of the Mew-Tao. However, in recent months, after seeing the death of his friends and family at the hands of the Espo's, he's come to question Grismaar's authority and the decision his people have made to appoint females as their leaders.
Feeling he could do a better job of leading and training, he's slowly planning to take over from the current High Priestess Lana by funding the building of the new Mew-Tao temple on Garnib and training her in the use of The Force.

Arturo Fegarn

Lana's brother, Arturo also served on the Brazen Gambit along with Khara Doone. Promoted into the position of Protector out of necessity, Arturo is proficient with a blaster rifle as well as more traditional Mew-Tao weaponry.
Possessing full faith in his sister's leadership abilities, he is weary of Baal, who he openly criticizes for "running off and leaving the Mew-Tao in time of need to play Hero for the rebellion" and Grentall who he considers little more than Shera'Shaon's "lapdog." These views have often put him at odds with other members of the Mew-Tao, but Arturo is a strong and proud warrior and refuses to back down when he sees what he perceives as weakness in others.