An offshoot from the Wroonian THieves Guild, THe Shades of Night was formed when one of the brothers who started the Guild decided that more credits were to be made by sneaking in and killing targets rather than petty thievery. Finding like minded individuals wasn't hard, and the Shades was born, not adhering to the "Only Wroonians allowed" mentality, any species can be a Shade of NIght, and this tradition was carried for millennia.
While the Shades are primarily located on Wroona, they do have other locations throughout the galaxy they use for training and staging purposes. Shades assassins are a varied and eclectic lot, but effective as great care is taken when choosing a candidate to be a shade of night. Any Shade that puts the organization in jeopardy however is swiftly dealt with.
It is because of this diversity and range of cultures that the Shades can accommodate an assassin for every occasion, a claim very few organizations can make.


The director of the Shades of NIght, Nassiris is a ruthless Sakiyan who clawed, deceived and eventually killed his way to the top. His easygoing demeanor tends to throw off those who deal with him, but those who know him know that beneath his laid back exterior exists a cold, ruthless killer who always puts the good of the Shades before anything or anyone else.


This Firrerreo was raised from birth by the Shades of NIght, and as such has a bit more leeway and is afforded a bit more leniency than other assassins, still, his brash attitude and overindulgences often land him in trouble and it is widely known that his days are numbered within the Shades.
San-San has done the one thing a Shades must not do-fail. Now he must scramble and try to recoup his reputation and take out the target he was initially supposed to make sure was dead-Raptor Squad's own Khara Doone.