Existing since the time of the Old Republic, the Wroonian Thieves Guild is a galaxy-wide organization, sporting Guild Houses in every major and most minor sectors of space. Regions are divided by "Turfs" and it is bad form for one thief to go to another's turf and work without first checking in with that system's House Master.
The ruling council of the Thieve's Guild is known as "The Five Vorkas" and their identity is a closely guarded secret. Membership in the guild is exclusive, and they generally recruit from orphanages and homeless children with nowhere else to go. The WTG only accepts Wroonians as Thieves, though other species are more than welcome to make up the rank and file support staff, such as tattooists, lookouts, fencers, armorers and informants.
The Wroonian Thieves Guild has a long and storied history, just as colorful and unique as those who it calls its members.

Laric Tol

Laric Tol is the House Master of the WTG Guild House on Wroona. Charismatic and engaging, Tol has used his skills and station to endear himself to many within the guild. It is this influence that allowed him to take over his current position from Khaalid Naveen and reinstate his longtime friend, Khara Doone to full status within the guild.

Khaalid Naveen

A member of an extremely wealthy and influential family, Khaalid joined the guild seeking thrills and power of her own. She is an exceptional forger and seducer and made her way to House Master of the Wroona guildhouse through intrigue and intimidation. She keeps close ties to the Shades of Night, which she uses liberally to deal with her enemies. She also heads a secret child slavery ring supplied by the children who don’t make the cut in training.
After driving off Khara Doone and assassinating Orrin Turin, guild members grew tired of Khaalid’s bullying and appealed to the Guild Council to have her deposed. An inside friend on the Council made sure she got a cushy assignment on Corellia. The more charismatic Laric Tol was chosen to take her place.
Before Turin died, he revealed that he hid the evidence of Khaalid’s slavery exploits in the depths of the Eagis Ocean in the planets southern hemisphere, coding the exact coordinates into a map he hid among one of Khara Doone’s tattoos, before destroying any copies of its location. Khaalid now applies all of her considerable resources to finding an eliminating her.

Erissa Naveen

The niece of Khaalid Naveen (though rumors exist that she is really her daughter), Erissa is as ruthless as Khaalid. She grew up in the guild alongside Siren Fabrique and Khara Doone, but wasn’t as skilled as they were and didn’t advance with them. Khaalid was sure to cultivate her petty envy into an abiding hatred and uses her as a lapdog to do her dirty work.


An armorer for the Guildhouse on Wroona, the man known as Festis is a bit of a legend in regards to the items he can craft. Formerly a thief, Festis took an arrow to the knee on a job (it was a primitive world and he was stealing an artifact from a tribe), which took him out of the thieving game but he discovered he had a rare talent for tinkering and repairing things.
Now, Festis crafts some of the finest stealth suits and pieces of equipment in use by Wroonian Thieves all over the galaxy. In fact, one's status can be tied directly to the man-if a thief is seen wearing an "Original Festis" they are considered to have reached the top of their game, even as much as any title can imply.

Siren Fabrique

Siren is a close personal friend of Khara Doone having grown up in the guild together. Through her skills and merit alone, she gained a House Master position on Adarlon and is highly regarded in the guild. Though not a fan of Khaalid Naveen, Siren is savvy enough to stay out of her way while discreetly helping Khara whenever she can.

Orrin Turin

Though not the most skilled in the stealth arts of the guild, Orrin was a gifted artist which landed him the position of official guild tattooist, one of only a few entrusted with the knowledge of the special ink guild tattoos are applied with. Greedy and ambitious, Orrin gathered evidence of a child slavery ring against his then-guildmaster Khaalid Naveen in order to blackmail her for more money and position, but he underestimated Khaalid and was assassinated. Though not before he had encrypted the whereabouts of his stash of evidence in a tattoo he gave to an unwitting Khara Doone.

Khara Doone

Orphaned when her parents were killed by Imperials, Khara Doone was taken into the Wroonian Thieves GUild and has been a successful thief ever since. Athletic, acrobatic and possessing a sharp wit, Khara was seen as a threat by Khallid and run off of the planet. She spent some time smuggling, but he jumped back into the game with both feet, most recently pulling off the theft of valuable Selonian Nude Studies from the Coronet City Museum on Corellia.

The "Whispers"

Whispers are the lowest ranks in the Thieves Guild-and everyone starts out as one. Whispers are posted at the end of a street, on top of a building,…wherever they have a good view. They watch the backs of the thieves they're assigned to and tell them what’s going on outside. They report, but don’t get involved. Whispers also act as informants, couriers, and any other menial tasks the Guild needs done.