Name: Balthazar Cochroth
Type: Mew-Tao Protector
Age: 20
Alias: None
Quote: " It would be in your best interest no to attack me. And 'meow'."

Balthazar Cochroth
Dex: 4d Knw: 2d+1 Mech: 1d+1 Per: 4d Str: 4d Tech: 1d+1
Lightsaber: 7d willpower: 3d beast riding: 2d bargain: 4d+1 brawling first aid
Melee Combat: 4d alien species: 2d+1 space transports command: 4d Specialization: Martial Arts: 9d Lightsabre Repair: 7d
Melee Parry: 4d languages: 2d+1 Specialization: Ghtroc: 4d hide: 4d+1 climb/jump: 6d  
Running: 4d planetary systems: 2d+1 Sensors: 3d investigate: 4d stamina: 4d  
Dodge: 6d survival: 2d+1 Swoop op: 2d+1 persuasion: 4d +1 swimming: 4d  
Thrown Weapons: 4d Law Enforcement: 2d+2   search: 4d Acrobatics: 6d  
      sneak: 4d+1 Lifting: 4d  
GM Notes Control 5d Sense 6d Alter 3d+2 Control & Sense Control & Alter Sense & Alter Control & Sense & Alter
Force Sensitive: YES
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points:17
Claws add 1d to damage, if Baal roles a one on the wild die with anything
associated with his right hand it becomes numb due to it being previously cleaved off.


Born on Fibuli, Baal grew up in the shadow of his protector instructor father, who diligently taught his son the way of the Mew-Tao. Through his formative years, Baals life consisted of training, studying of the force and martial arts. At age ten, Baal was awarded his own training lightsaber, with which he showed great proficiency. Feeling his son needed to experience other cultures and species, Baals father often took him off planet, teaching him to fly his Clan's Ghtroc Freighter.
Due to the inorganic nature of droids, one of which performed routine maintenance on the Ghtroc, Baals father detested the automatons, and passed along this bias to his young son. Upon returning from a supply trip from Trian, Baal was informed his father had been sent away on a mission and that things had gotten seriously grave on the planet. The Corporate Sector had begun to annex the planet, and with no other choice, Baal was sent on his first mission, on his own and without the guidance of his father.

accelerate healing
control pain
absorb/dissipate energy
hibernation trance
force of will
enhance attribute

life detection
life sense
receptive telepathy
receptive telepathy
magnify senses
combat sense
danger sense
sense force
sense path
beast languages
post cognition
Instinctive astrogation


lightsaber combat
projective telepathy

control anothers pain

All skills


Lightsaber: Damage:6d Responsiveness: 4d
Repulsor lift grapple gun
Lightsaber Repair Kit
Locator transponder Ring
Vibroknife: Str+2d
2 stun grenades
2 Glop grenades