Name: Khara Doone
Type: Wroonian Thief
Age: 28
Quote: " The only reason I can't steal a star destroyer is cause the fraggin' thing is too big to stick under my coat"

Khara Doone
Dex: 4d Knw: 2d Mech: 2d Per: 4d Str: 3d Tech: 3d
Blaster: 6d Languages Repulsorlift Ops: 6d+2 Bargain: 5d+1   Computer Programming/ Repair: 8d
Grenade Law Enforcement: 5d Beast Riding:4d Search: 7d Stamina: Repulsorlift Repair:4d+1
Dodge: 6d Streetwise: 6d Starship Gunnery: 3d Hide: 5d+2 Swimming: 7d Demolitions
Specialization: Energy Weapons: 8d+1 Value : 3d+1 Communications Con:7d Climbing/Jumping: 7d Security: 7d
Thrown Weapons:5d     Forgery   Specialization:Electronic Locks: 8d
Specialization:Rodian Throwing Razors: 6d+2     Gambling:4d+2   First Aid: 5d+1
Pickpocket: 7D+1     Sneak: 7d   Blaster Repair
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 7
Khara has the following MARTIAL ARTS skills:
Kick (str+2d)
Weapon Block


Khara Doone was born and raised on Wroona. An accomplished member of the Wroonian Thieves Guild, her first encounter with Raptor Squad occurred on Jalon Station where she met up with the team while in pursuit of one of its former members, Ket Adkins.

Heavy Blaster Pistol: 5d
Vibro Stilletto: (Str+3d) +1d to hit, -1d to parry
Intimidator hold out blaster: 3d (+2d fire control at multiple targets)
(2)Smoke Grenades
Reversible Trenchcoat (+1d to sneak)
Integrated line slinger
Headset Comm
Fastflesh medpack
Power Pitons: +2d to CLIMBING (Easy DEX roll)
Code Slicer ( +1d to SECURITY rolls)
Lock Breaking Kit (+1d to mechanical locks)
Unitech patch (+1d+2 to SECURITY roll)
Snooper Goggles: +2d to Search in Low light