Name: Xander paddox
Type: Young Tapani Noble
Age: 22
Quote: "Lovely, there's even more riff raff out here than on the ship. "

Xander paddox
Dex: 3d Knw: 4d Mech: 2d+2 Per: 3d+1 Str: 3d Tech: 2d
Blaster: 4d Alien Species Communications Command Brawling: 4d Computer Programming/ Repair
Specialization: Hold Out Blaster: 8d Cultures:4d Repulsorlift Ops: 3d+2 Bargain: 6d+1 Stamina First Aid:4d
Dodge: 6d Intimidation: 4d+2 Sensors: 4d+2 Search Climbing/Jumping  
Melee Combat Willpower Space Transports: 3d+2 Con: 6d+2 Swimming  
Brawling Parry Bureaucracy: 7d   Specialization: Persuasion/Diplomacy: 8d    
Melee Parry Specialization: Tapani Sector: 8d        
Lightsaber: 4d Value: 6d        
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10


Born on the planet of Pelagia, Xander Paddox , due to his lineage, was raised a noble. The planet Pelagia was once a very respected planet in the Tapani Sector, but in recent years has fallen on hard times. Going through this turmoil and period of uncertainty has made the young nobleman truly question whether this is the lifestyle he was meant to lead.
While serving time on Roardak for attempted assassination of the Emperor, Xander was freed by a rebel Spec-Ops team known as Raptor Squad. Raptor Squad had arrived to break out their former cell leader, Jax Sheba and had encountered Xander who assisted them in locating Jax. In exchange for the information Raptor Squad agreed to break him out as well. Since that fateful night, Xander has remained with the team, doing things and going places and living a life he had never dreamed of. He is content in the fact that, now he is doing more damage to the Empire than he ever thought possible.

Hold-out Blaster Pistol: 4d
Armored Clothing: +2d vs Physical, +2D vs energy
Light Foil: 3d