Name: Graunnda
Type: Henchman
Age: Unknown
Species: Borneck (Near-Human)
Quote: "The lower levels of Outer Veil are wallpapered with the skin of folks who thought they could just walk in to a meeting with Akelish and walk back out without leaving something of value behind."

Dex: 1d+2 Knw: 2d+2 Mech: 3d Per: 3d Str: 5d Tech: 1d+2
Blaster:5d Alien Spieces:4d Repulsor Ops:6d Con:4d Brawling:7d Demolitions:4d
Dodge:4d+1 Intimidation:7d Space Transports:4d Forgery:6d Stamina: 5d+2  
Archaic Weapons:4d Law Enforcement:4d+2 Swoop operation:4d+2 Bargain:4d+1 Lifting: 6d+2  
Melee Parry:5d Business:3d+1   Persuasion:7d+2    
Melee Combat:5d+3 Specialization: Akelish's Organization:11d   Hide:4d    
Specialization: Vibro Axe: 7d Streetwise: 6d   Search:6d    
Grenade:4d Specialization: Valex III:8d+2d   Investigation:7d+1    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points:5
Character Points: 3

Datapad with contacts and information
Vibro Axe: Dmg: Str+3d (Maximum 7d)