Name: "Ket-Bot"
Type: Gunslinger Droid
Age: N/A
Quote: "No, Iím not Ket Adkins, but an incredible facsimile thereof, now eat hot gas Nerchucker!"

Dex: 3d Knw: 1d Mech: 1d Per: 4d Str: 3d Tech: 1d
Blaster: 5D Streetwise: 2d Space Transports: 3d+1 Search: 5d Brawling: 3d Blaster Repair:4d+1d
Specialization:Blaster Pistol: 7d+2 Specialization: Raptor Squad: 4d   Sneak: 5d Specialization: Martial Arts:4d+1  
Grenade: 4d+2          
Dodge: 5d+2          
Quickdraw: 6d          
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 0
At the beginning of combat, when other characters roll perception, Ket Bot rolls his QUICK DRAW skill. If his roll beats all other PERCEPTION rolls, he gets to draw his weapon and fire before anyone else cant take an action.


37-09 Verbobrain
Communication Link with other Ket-Bots
Humanoid Body( two arms two legs, head)
Enhanced Visual/Auditory Sensors
Vocabulator speech/sound system (programmed to match Ket's speech pattern)
(1) Integrated on-board heavy blaster pistol (left arm): 5d+2(+1d to hit)
(1) Integrated on-board grenade launcher(left arm), loaded with the following:

(3)RPG: Gut Checker Fragment Grenade
Scale: Character
Damage: 9d/8d/7d
Blast Radius: 2/4/6

(3)RPG: Basic Fragment Grenade
Scale: Character
Damage: 6d/4d/2d
Blast Radius: 2/4/6