Name: Chevin Locti
Type: Crime Lord
Age: 54
Alias: None
Quote: "Scum, murderers, thieves...MY kind of people!"

Chevin Locti
Dex: 3d Knw: 4d Mech: 2d Per: 4d Str: 3d Tech: 2d
Blaster:7d Alien Spieces:8d Repulsor Ops:5d Con:7d Brawling:6d First Aid:4d
Dodge:4d cultures:7d Space Transports:4d Forgery:5d Climbing/Jumping:3d+2 Demolitions:6d
Melee Parry:5d Intimidation:5d Swoop operation:5d+2 Bargain:7d+1 Swimming:5d Security:7d
Melee Combat:5d Law Enforcement:6d Capital Ship Gunnery:7d Persuasion:6d+2   Repulsorlift Repair:4d+2
Thrown Weapons:5d Streetwise:8d   Hide:5d   Computer Programming:4d
Specialization: Force Pike: 6d Specialization: Ord Mantell:10d   Sneak:5d+2    
Grenade:4d Survival:5d+1   Search:6d    
  Willpower:4d+2   Investigation:6d+1    
  Value: 7d   Gambling:8d    
      Specialization:Swoop Racing:9d+1    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:3
Character Points: 18

Locti has a Black Gem in his right eye socket. In truth, this is a magnification device with an IR filter. (+2d to PER in darkness/ +3d to all SEARCH rolls)

Heavy Blaster Pistol (5d)
Hold Out Blaster:3d
Force Pike (str+2d)
Cred Stick: 102,000 credits