Designed exclusively for the speeder bike racing enthusiast, the Eclipse-9 Racer is the newest offering from Mobquet Swoops and Speeders. By eliminating unnecessary weaponry and reinforcing the bike’s body strength using a new high-impact polymer, Mobquet was able to decrease the bike’s weight substantially, allowing it to achieve higher speeds over most terrain. A new turbine repulsorlift engine was developed, as well as enhanced terrain sensors and sure-grip technology that enables the bike’s steering sensitivity to respond faster to the rider’s commands. In addition, the front "scoop" acts as an air funnel, filtering and amplifying the air flow into the steering vanes and allowing for greater control even at lower speeds.
The result is a top-of-the-line racing bike that performs at the top of its class. Currently sponsored by Cruzer Pandanot, the highest paid and highest ranked speeder bike racer in the Corporate Sector, the Eclipse-9 Racer has helped her win over a dozen races, most recently the prized “Quartz Teardrop” in the Ession Invitational.
Modification of the Eclipse-9 Racer is not recommended, due to balance and energy resource issues, however, some outlaw mechanics have been known to add weapons to the Eclipse-9, often resulting in a slower, but more deadly vehicle.

GM Notes: Modifying the Eclipse-9 Racer in any way requires a DIFFICULT Repulsorlift Repair Roll.

Eclipse-9 Racer

Craft:Mobquet Swoops and Speeders Eclipse-9 Racer
Type:Speeder Bike
Length:6.4 meters
Skill:Repulsorlift Operations
Cargo Capacity:2 kilograms
Cost:9,500 (new), 3,500 (used)
Altitude Range:ground-12 meters
Move:200; 550 kmh
Body Strength:1d+2

Special thanks to Grimace for his assistance!