Important Features

1. Close Fitting Skullcap incorporates integrated Comlink and Auditory Enhancement.

2. Cloaking and Sensor Masking System accessed through forearm gauntlet.

3. Shoulder Pauldrons allow for increased ranged of motion.

4. Microscopic Safadi Crystals Cover Entire Suit, Creating a Cloaking Field

5. Integrated Harness allows for attachment of Gear/Weapons.

6. Lethal "Whispering Doom" Vibrokatanas

I was able to analyze Vornskr Pack team member Angel’s Stealth Suit at the same time she allowed me to analyz her weapons, shortly before her disappearance.
This is a custom suit that, according to her, was fashioned by the same weapon designer/armorer who fashioned her weapons, which explains why they incorporate seamlessly with one another. When I asked her how she came to possess such a rare and magnificent set, she merely smiled and reminded me that she was half Lorrdian and half Zeltron, and that the secret wasn’t in how to get people to give you things, it was in getting people to STOP giving you things.
The suit itself is sleek and elegant and extremely functional. The skullcap incorporates a comlink and auditory enhancement suite that I’ve seen standard in many other pieces or armor. But what makes this suit stand out is its cloaking/masking properties.
Triggered by a hidden panel in the suit’s right forearm sheath, the wearer can alter the settings based on terrain and light conditions, as these factors can affect the performance of any stealth device. Depending on the settings, the suit can literally turn the wearer invisible, using billions of microscopic crystals to create a second “skin” around the wearer that bends light, sound, and electromagnetic, frequencies, making the suit and its wearer essentially invisible to most standard devices, and in fact, when Angel demonstrated the device for me, I was surprised that she disappeared from my own sensors.
The battery drain for this capability however is severe, and only has a life of fifteen to twenty minutes, tops. However, as opposed to the device simply shutting down the wearer gradually “fades” into view. Angel has informed me that replacement batteries are difficult to obtain and only through her New Republic connections has she been able to keep herself in supply.
It goes without saying that this armor is very special and from my cursory observation any altering risks damaging the delicate system. It is a suit of armor however, so the important parts are shielded and it does offer the wearer some bit of protection, though admittedly not much. Obviously it is not readily available, and according to my research, the Safadi Crystals are extremely rare, making this suit even moreso.


  • A One of a Kind Item
  • Cloaking System
  • Sensor Mask
  • Well Crafted; Sturdy


  • A One of a Kind Item
  • Short Battery Life
  • Difficult to maintain/modify

Angels' Custom Stealth Suit Roleplaying Stats

Model: Custom Stealth Suit
Cost: Not For Sale
Availability: 4,X

GM Notes: