Important Features

1. Mask sports Dual-Audio Pickups Transmitters/Receivers, Micro/Macro Binoculars and a H.U.D as well as a Retinal Disguiser.

2. Hand-Stitched Custom Embroidery Reminiscent of Doone's Wroonian Seafaring Ancestors.

3. Gauntlet with "Snap" Vibroblades and Integrated Line Slinger.

4. Utility Belt holds Med-Kit and other miscellaneous items, including a Antique Wroonian Belt Buckle.

5. Murkor Ray Leather offers some minor protections against energy weapons.

6. Holointerface Field Comp allows for tight-beam hacking of computer and security systems.

7. Integrated battery/Stealth System Allows for concealment to visual and sensor detection.

8. Integrated Fingerprint Masque in Gloves Allow for Bypassing Security Systems.

9. Carrying Case/Homing Beacon for her Rodian Throwing Razors.

10. Non-Slip Technology assures sound footing on even the most treacherous of terrain.

The stealth suit worn by Khara Doone during operations is a singular piece of work. Although only capable of the most minimal protection against physical weaponry, it is made of Wroonian Murkor Ray leather and retains the electrical resistance of that fish allowing for a small amount of protection against energy weapons. It allows a freedom of movement any armor could not hope to match. She tells me it was custom made for her, and I can believe it. Aside from the exacting fit, it boasts an impressive stealth technology which shields the wearer from sensors along with a light-bending mesh integrated into the fabric of the suit. Combined with Doone's natural stealth abilities it renders her nearly invisible. Her mask sports snooper goggles for enhanced night vision complete with photoreducers to prevent blinding from sudden increases in light. They also contain a macro/microbinocular focusing system, that while not extremely powerful, allows her to see a wide range of details from afar or up close. Her mask is also outfitted with not one, but two separate headset comms. I enquired about this apparent redundancy and she explained that one was for her use while the other is for simultaneously listening in to other comm frequencies such as the local law enforcement or guard chatter. There are two gauntlets which Ms. Doone wears often whether or not she is in her stealth suit. The one on her right arm appears to have the only armor she conceded to wearing and boasts a nasty pair of snap out vibroblades as well as a practical integrated line slinger. On her other arm she wears a holointerface field comp which allows her to interface with nearly any electronic system via a tight beam technology that I had only heard was in development, but not yet available on the open market. Of course, she wouldn't tell me how she managed to acquire it.


  • Sleek Design Minimizes Hinderance
  • Vast Array of Technology REquired for Stealth or bypassing Security Measures
  • Flawless Craftsmanship


  • Availability
  • Minimal Protection
  • Difficult to modify
  • Custom Fitted Exclusively to Doone's Frame

Khara's Custom Stealth Suit Roleplaying Stats

Model: Custom Stealth Suit
Cost: Not For Sale
Availability: 4,X

GM Notes: