Important Features

1. Helmet incorporates a H.U.D and MFTAS, as well as audio and visual enhancements.

2. Forearm Gauntlet provides direct link to Command Post, and displays critical information on the Mission, Terrain,Adversaries, etc. The gauntlet also uploads the wearers physical condition, status, location and other information to the command post.

3. Shoulder Armor Plate denotes Rank and Unit Insignia.

4. "Knuckle Buster" hand plating allows for increased damage in hand to hand confrontations.

5.Field Kit contains medical kit and 3 days of rations.

6. Integrated Multi-Purpose Harness. Can hold gear, weapons and is used to equip FA Flight System.

7. Impact Resistant Armor protects against high falls (or being thrown).

8. Sealed Environmental Suit protects against harsh climates, deadly atmospheres and can allow the wearer to function in these environments for up to 1-2 weeks (depending on the wearers requirements).

9. Mag-Grip Boots allow Wearer to climb metallic surfaces and provides sure footing on treacherous terrain.

Worn by Palisades during his stint in the Vol Kol military, the Mk 8 is an impressive suit of armor that would be the envy of many. Previously in storage, once Palisades hung up the Terminus persona, he put this armor back into service and has been wearing it ever since.
Designed by a reclusive Zabrak armorer and former Fallen Angel named Scythe, the Mk8 has been in use for the past several decades, and some would argue has been instrumental in preserving the lives of thousands of soldiers in the midst of the Keegarian Wars.
Assigned to the Special Forces Unit of the Ivory Brigade, the Fallen Angel armor is a perfectly sealed environment, allowing the user to exist in a hostile environment for up to one to two weeks (depending on the wearers requirements).
The helmet is equipped with a wide array of sensors and enhancements, allowing the wearer to view multiple spectrums, link to weapons and decrypt enemy transmissions. The faceplate flips up, in those instances when the wearer needs to deal with someone “face to face”.
The armor itself is impact resistant-decreasing damage from high falls. According to Palisades this is also to increase the chance of survival should one get into a melee or unarmed combat situation with a Keegarian (who apparently enjoy pummeling their prey as easily as shooting them).
An onboard computer system equipped with a Sienar Intelligence Systems Droid Brain that provides a direct link to the command post and real-time information flow on the soldiers status, health and other critical information. The Integrated Mutli-Purpose Harness can hold everything from gear to weapons, and is put into use frequently when the user must don “wings”-and automated flying system. Palisades stressed the training required to get certified to use the flight system, noting that those not adept were coined “Falling Angels” by their teammates.
By ways of shortcomings to this armor,, I can find little besides its cost and availability. Scythe was a master craftsman and this armor is a shining example of style and functionality. If all Raptors were equipped with this armor we would likely never need a medical bay.


  • High-End Armor
  • Onboard Diagnostic System
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Provides Maximum Protection


  • Availability
  • Heavy Armor
  • Difficult to Modify

Vic's Lazhan Defense Industries Fallen Angel Armor Mk8 Roleplaying Stats

Model: Lazhan Defense Industries Fallen Angel Armor Mk 8 Heavy Armor
Scale: Character
Cost: Not For Sale (MIlitary Issue)

Availability: 3, F

GM Notes: