Important Features

1. Helmet integrated with Comlink, holocam and enhanced visual and auditory systems. Sports Team's logo and name on front armored plate.

2. Harness Equipped with Additional Ammo and Accessories; Sends Soldier Status Information to Command Post

3. RIght Side Equipped with Transponder & "Mini-Nuke" Grenades.

4. Standard Silenced Slug-Thrower Firearm.

5. Durable Boots and Knee Protectors.

6. Multi-Purpose Harness can hold Weapons or Gear Pack.

7. Rear Belt Contains various Grenades,Det-Tape, Ammo, Luma-Flares and Signal Beacon.

8. Solid Mesh Gloves Provide Superior Grip.

9. Camo BDU's Color Coordinated with Mission Specifics. Standard Off-Duty color is black.

I’ve had the opportunity to see Vornskr Pack in actions on several occasions and am always impressed with the condition and quality of their field armor. While nothing fancy or unusual, it appears that the armor they wear has been stripped down to it’s very essence-enough to get the job done without cumbersome or unnecessary gear.
While the suit itself offers moderate protection, I have to say that the fact that the face and arms are generally unprotected is a concern, as the loss of either would seriously impair a soldier’s ability to function.
Designed and produced in-house by the New Republic, who used to contract the work out, the Vornskr Pack Armor is specific to the unit, built and produced to the specifications of former team leader, Commander Perfo Kryll. When I spoke with Kryll and inquired about the lack of Face, arm and upper thigh protection, he explained that Vornskr Pack is called upon to be mobile and move quickly if need be, and that sometimes heavy armor merely gets in the way and slows a soldier down.
“Seeking cover is a soldier’s best defense against getting shot,” he said, reminding me that Vornskr Pack is not your standard “Rank and File” New Republic soldiers. In fact, some of them don’t even wear the standard issue armor for the unit. Their scout and medic, Vhari Sa’Mondaley is one such soldier who chooses to wear her own armor into combat, as is their armorer and heavy weapons specialist, “Double Zero.” Hopefully I will be able to connect with these individuals in the future to see if I may analyze their armor of choice.
In summary, the Vornskr Pack armor isn’t flashy, may have some flaws but in the end is exactly what is necessary to get the job done-much like the unit itself.


  • Custom Designed by Former Commander
  • New Republic Manufacture Ensures Easy Maintenance and Repair
  • No Reduction in Mobility
  • Well Crafted; Sturdy


  • Face, Arms and Upper Thighs Exposed
  • Illegal to own in Some Systems
  • Availability

Vornskr Pack's Field Armor Roleplaying Stats

Model: New Republic Issued Special Forces Field Armor
Scale: Character
Cost: Not For Sale (Military Issue)

Availability: 3, F

GM Notes: