Important Features

1. Database and Receiver for Accepting Software Updates and Valuable Information Uploads.

2. High-Resolution Display Screen.

3. Durable Design Customizable to User's Species and Preferences.

4. Sensitive Scroll Ball for Easy Navigation.

This device is an offering from a company called "Bounty Heads, Inc," it is the "Bounty Locator 8000" and our resident Ubese hunter Koort Ter'chon swears by it.
Using a network of informants and analysts, Bounty Heads, Inc has set up relay stations in over 100,000 systems throughout known space, from the Core worlds to the Outer Rim. When one drops into a system with a Bounty Heads, Inc. relay station they get a notification on the Bounty Locator 8000. The device instantly updates it's database to include the most recent postings in the system, along with valuable information and "Hot Tips"-which generally includes info not found in the standard posting.
The relays use an encryption system that prevents others from hacking the signal and that is only readable by the Bounty Locator.
Once a bounty is captured, the hunter has the option of transmitting a "Capture Call" to the relay device, at which point the system will begin to verify the information. If the capture of the acquisition can be verified through proper channels the file will be updated. This has caused some problems in instances when a bounty has been captured and the hunter has left the system without notifying the proper authorities. As such, there is always a chance a bounty posting may be outdated, but the Bounty Head's Communications Network seems to provide the most up-to-date information as possible.
I've seen the device in action just as often as I've seen Ter'chon go out on his own to do his own tracking. While the device has come in handy on many occasions, the Ubese is reluctant to rely solely on the device, as he "doesn’t want his skills to get rusty".
When I inquired about the "antiquated" look and design of the unit, Ter'chon reminded me that the Bounty Hunting Business is a harsh and unforgiving one, and that a hunter's tools must be as durable and reliable as he is. He explained that flashy holo interfaces and sleek designs, from a marketing perspective, can be considered "Soft" and would certainly hurt the product's market profile, consdering the demographic. After a brief (.000321/second) moment to consider this perspective I came to the conclusion that Ter'chon's analysis would be correct, at least 77.93% of the time.
The price tag is reasonable for such a device and given how many system relays have been added since they rolled the Bounty Locator out years ago, the unit practically pays for itself in a short amount of time.
A yearly subscription fee is required to keep the software updated, but this is a minor cost to a working bounty hunter.
Overall, a nice piece of equipment and a must-have for any hunter just breaking into the business.


  • Allows access to valuable Bounty Information
  • Extensive Database
  • Quality Customer Support and Frequent Software Updates


  • May be Cost Prohibitive to newer Hunters
  • Yearly Subscription Fee

Koort's Bounty Head's Inc. Bounty Locater 8000 Roleplaying Stats

Model: Bounty Head's Inc. Bounty Locater 8000
Type: Bounty Hunting Accessory
Skill: Computer Programming
Cost: 8,000 credits; 500 credits/per year

GM Notes: