Important Features

1. Stylish Design fits into almost any Wardrobe.

2. Easily Customizable.

3. Battery Life of up to 4 Standard Years.

This is a unique device developed by Gimblecorp and purchased in bulk by Palisades. I suggested Palisades give them out as "Life Day" gifts but he was not amused.
In fact, every member of Raptor Squad is issued a Second Chance collar upon joining the team. I have even modified the devices in numerous ways. For example, for Khara Doone I have altered the design so it resembles a fashionable bejeweled choker. For Ter'Chon and Palisades, I've directly integrated the technology into their armor.
My research has led me to deduce that these devices do work admirably, as no member of the team has (fortunately) had them put to the test.
The device is advertised to administer up to "3 life saving bursts of energy to vital parts of the anatomy of over 3 million beings". The device runs off of a Blovidium-IV battery that has an average life span of four years.
According to the literature, the deivce constantly monitors the vital statistics of the wearer, and when heart functions cease for more than 15 seconds, it initiates an electrical charge to "jump start" the wearers system. If the first jolt proves unsuccessful, it will administer two subsequent charges.
I pointed out to Palisades that the collar would prove ineffective against decapitations by way of lightsaber. Again, he was not amused.


  • Provides a Life-Savign Burst of Energy
  • Potential to Delay Expiration
  • Easily Customizable and Fashionable


  • Cost
  • Questionable Durability-Direct Blow can Disable Unit

Raptor Squad's Gimblecorp Second Chance Collar Roleplaying Stats

Model: Gimblecorp "Second Chance" Revitalization collar
Type: Life Saving Device
Skill: Computer Programming/Repair (to set up)
Cost: 3,000 (Price varies by size and species needs)

GM Notes: