Greetings Gentlebeings, Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tenspot, or I0-SPT, the armorer droid for the New Republic Special Operations team known as "Raptor Squad".
Part of my many responsibilities as a member of this team, a designation I assure you was delayed for far too long, is to maintain and perform general maintenance and upkeep on the teams weapons and equipment.
This is often easier proclaimed than performed, as they say. When you find yourself in galaxy-saving endeavors seemingly every other week, one's gear tends to suffer from more than your standard "wear and tear".
Therefore, I cannot overstate my importance. Let me repeat this: I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF RAPTOR SQUAD.
Now that we have that common misunderstanding out of the way, allow me to introduce you to my armory.
As I've stated, it is not only my duty, but also my "privilege" to maintain Raptor Squad's weapons and equipment.
Below you will find data entries for weapons, gadgets, armor and the like. Feel free to peruse these offerings, as I have not only provided roleplaying statistics for each, but have also added my own professional opinion of each piece, noting its strengths, weaknesses and flaws.
Of course in my experience, the operator is generally to blame 78.4295 % of the time, rather than the item in question, but again, that is simply my professional opinion. Take it as you will.
In addition, you will also find a section detailing the various ships and conveyances used by the team. While technically not a part of my armory, I find myself tasked with keeping these items in tip-top shape as well.Apparently one's work is truly never done.
In addition I have added items utilized by Raptor Squad's allies as well as adversaries, likely you will note an abundance of the latter compared to the former.