Important Features

1. Chungtarri Velocity-Alpha Repulsor Engine.

2. Additional Storage Behind Pilot.

3. Rear Thrust Pods.

4. Broken-In Seat.

5. Customized Paint Job.

Purchased for Khara Doone by her "Uncle" Metlock Spinx for her sixteenth birthday, the Caelli-Merced "Mutriok Runner" Speederbike can only be found on the desert planet of Socorro.
According to Doone, she's had some "after-market" modifications performed on the vehicle that causes it to be anything but "street legal".
I noticed this first hand when Doone brought the bike to me after participating in an ill-advised race across the Garnib wastes. I mentioned that it appeared she lost some of her paint during the race and she said it was from "Trading Paint". I asked what that meant and Doone informed me it was when two vehicles rubbed against each other and transferred pigment. I asked her why beings would do this and she told me it was just rubbing, and that "Rubbin Was Racin'".
Designed without a steering vane, the Mutriok Runner games it's stability and maneuverability thanks to an aerodynamic front end and a pair of rear thrust pods that allow for much tighter turns than most speeder bikes can make.
Doone has had a powerful and efficient forward-drive engine installed that provides a high degree of speed, necessary since the Mutriok has a large cargo compartment located behind the pilot's seat that allows for more storage than a typical speeder or swoop.
I've noticed the vehicle has some quirks that could prove to be problematic, such as questionable wiring and rerouting of certain vehicle systems that could cause a "cross talk" problem if the vehicle sustains any real damage.
I was surprised to see that this bike had no offensive weaponry and offered to install a concealed blaster cannon but Doone refused, citing a lack of interest in engaging in combat while speeding along at 500 kmh.
Overall, I sense Doone's attachment to this conveyance is responsible for its continued use, as she could have purchased a much faster and maneuverable bike to replace it by now.


  • Rear Thrust Pods Allow for Tight Turns
  • Additional Storage
  • After Market Modifications Allows for Enhanced Performance
  • Durable Frame allows for "Rubbing Paint"


  • Rewired Systems may cause Shutdown
  • Availability
  • Lack of Offensive Weaponry

Khara's Caelli-Merced "Mutriok Runner" Speederbike Roleplaying Stats

Craft: Caelli-Merced "Mutriok Runner" Speederbike
Type: Customized Speeder Bike
Scale: Speeder
Length: 2.6 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies Widely
Cargo Capacity: 5.5 Kilograms
Cover: 1/4
Altitude Range: 1-30 Meters Maneuverability: 3d+1
Move: 225; 650 kmh
Body: 1d+2
Cost: Not For Sale (Unmodified Models, 11,000 (new)

GM Notes: