Important Features

1. Respected manufacturer.

2. Reinforced armored Plating.

3. 2 Heavy Repeating Blasters & Light Turbolaser.

4. Internal Targeting station in rear for turret.

5. Dedicated Auxiliary Power System.

Again, another conveyance "borrowed" by Raptor Squad during their exploits that they have no intention of returning. It baffles me that an organization that seems to have unlimited funds and resources continuously procures these high-end ships and vehicles.
Regardless, another example of a top-of the line addition to the Raptor Squad garage, the Mandalmotors Reaper-Class Battlespeeder is more of a military vehicle, requiring permits and licenses (provided thanks to the New Republic) to operate, and in many cases, is still considered an illegal conveyance on many planets due to its armament.
While many speeders may sport a concealed blaster cannon for protection, the designers for the Battlespeeder decided to forego stealth, choosing instead to use intimidation to defuse any volatile situations. A top-mounted blaster cannon, Grade-Five armored paneling, and a sensor suite that would put most ships to shame are just a few of the offerings incorporated into this design. The vehicle can also seal tight, and is equipped with up to two hours of life support for five passengers if necessary, and can even travel underwater for short distances.
There are several drawbacks with this design however. The power consumption is enormous, and though the vehicle sports top of the line generators, taxing all systems for extended periods can cause intermittent power fluctuations and potential loss of output to the weapon or life support systems, if not complete shutdown.
The armored hull and additional weight also means that the vehicle is not as fast as other similar-sized conveyances.
Apparently, there is a bit of a "ghost in the machine" when it comes to the Reaper, as it has broken down on the team several times and I've yet to be able to diagnose the potential problem. Still, they insist on using it and I've learned to decrease my number of complaints, as they generally fall on "deaf ears".
Still, overall a fine machine more suited for combat and battle than for recreation, fortunately Raptor Squad seems to engage in more of the former than the latter.


  • Heavy Weaponry
  • Enhanced Armored Hull
  • Top of the line Sensor Suite


  • Enormous Power Comsumption
  • Temperamental Systems
  • Requires Paperwork to own/operate

Raptor Squad's Mandalmotors Reaper-class Battlespeeder Roleplaying Stats

Craft: Mandalmotors Reaper-class Battlespeeder
Type: Battlespeeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 4.6 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation: Reaper-Class Battlespeeder
Crew: 2
Crew Skill: Varies Widely
Passengers: 5
Cargo Capacity: 10.5 Kilograms
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Ground Level-10km Maneuverability: 3d+1
Move: 95; 225 kmh
Body: 4D
Cost: 75,000 (new)


Passive: 4km/1D
Scan: 8KM/2D
Search: 20km/3D
Focus: 500/4D

2 Heavy Repeating Blasters

Fire Arc: Left, Front, Right
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 3-75/200/500 meters
Damage: 5D+1

Light Turbolaser

Fire Arc: Turret
Fire Control: 1D+1
Range: 50-350/1/1.5km
Damage: 4D