Important Features

1. Reinforced Blade Ridge. Stabilizes the blade to strengthen attacks and block the opponent's weapon.

2. Vibration Generator.

3. Activation Stud.

4. Coated Non-Slip Two-Handed Grip.

5. Hardened Duranium Vibrating Blade.

I was fortunate enough to analyze this weapon before the owner, a Vornskr Pack soldier named "Angel" went AWOL.
To be honest, I'm glad I did. This is one of the finest, most well constructed and deadly weapons I've seen in my experiences. When I asked her where she came by such a weapon, she informed me that she had it custom designed by a retired weapon designer currently in the employ of a crime lord. She didn't elaborate however, though I did my best to pry additional information from her.
Still, however this designer was, he, or she, or it, knew their craft.
From the hardened Duranium blade to the microscopic vibration generator, the pair are glowing testaments to the artistry of the creator.
I could go on, but lets look at the facts and strengths of this fine death dealing device.
The Duranium blade is constructed of one of the hardest materials in the galaxy and to my amazement even stood up to the strike from a lightsaber blade (I witnessed it myself). As such, there is little chance of fracturing, add in the reinforced blade ridge and you are more likely to break your arm before you break this blade.
The vibration generator is one of the slimmest I've ever seen, and as such doesn't impact the balance of the weapon at all. And speaking of balance, this weapon is balanced perfectly. Seeing Angel twirl and wield her dual VibroKatana's was like watching a violent and beautiful dance that even impressed the Jedi in attendance.
The fact that this weapon is totally silent simply adds to its value and lethality. While some vibro-weapons claim to be totally silent, this one lives up to the boast. The only sound it makes is the sound of the blade severing the air before it strikes its mark. I'm not sure how the designer achieved this miracle, but rest assured I intend to find out.
There is really little else to say, however, as I pride myself on finding design flaws in even the grandest designs I will point out a few things.
First, the grip is very long, though Angel assures me this allows her greater freedom of movement with the weapon. Still, if one isn't familiar using this sort of weapon it can be a bit unwieldy.
Also, the activation button is set in the pommel, personally, I would have positioned it higher up the weapon, but that's possibly just personal preference.
Still, despite these very few minor points the weapon is overall a masterpiece.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Totally Silent


  • A bit too long
  • Custom Design can be difficult to repair

Angels' Custom "Whispering Death" VibroKatana Roleplaying Stats

Model: Custom VibroKatana
Scale: Character
Difficulty : Moderate
Skill: Melee Weapons: VibroKatana
Damage: STR+3D+2 (Maximum 8d)
Cost: Not Available For Sale

GM Notes: