Important Features

1.Rear-Loading Blaster Clip Assembly

2 Grip Design offers Increased Comfort.

3. Extended Hand Guard Design allows room for Quick Draws.

4. Safety Switch.

5. Polycarbonate Frame is lighter than most blaster materials.

6. Unique Cooling System Allows for "Double Tap".

7. Spent Blaster Clip

For someone who claims to have little interest in fighting, I've noticed Khara Doone likes to ensure that should a blaster fight break out, she is more than equipped to handle the situation.
In the time I have known Doone, I've seen her care for this weapon like her own child, and just as easily toss it on her bunk and ignore it for days on end. While some care for their own weapons and take enjoyment in the intricacies and workings of the device, Doone generally "uses it and abuses it". Thankfully this blaster is of such high quality that it can stand the rigors she puts it through.
Produced on her home planet of Wroona by Palestro, the proprietor of "Palestro's Wholesale Firearms", the Fathom-Class Heavy Blaster Pistol is a fine piece of weaponry.
It's sleek design matches Doone perfectly and it surprisingly is light for a "Heavy" Blaster Pistol. In fact it's weight is only slightly heavier than that of a sporting blaster or larger hold-out blaster.
This is due in large part to the polycarbonate frame Palestro uses for the blaster. Lighter than standard metals, it is just as durable and resistant to high degrees of heat. This also ensures less arm fatigue when in prolonged combat, a trait valued by Doone who hates lifting heavy objects and needs something light that wont get in her way.
The other notable feature of the weapon is it's cooling system. Using a unique compound found in a specific sponge and only in the deepest oceans in Wroona, the Fathom's cooling system reacts to the heat produced-the more it's fired the cooler the weapon gets, preventing any overheating and increasing shot output to two shots per trigger pull-a heavy powerful blast and a smaller, less powerful blast, or as Doone calls it, "The Double Tap". This cooling system requirements means the weapon is rarely found off of Wroona and replacing the compound, when necessary (about every 4-5 years) can be costly.
The safety switch is located forward of the grip-making it impossible to arm the weapon with one finger as most blasters do.
Overall, a solid, durable and powerful weapon that packs and admirable punch as far as heavy blasters go. If I can only get Doone to stop using it in place of a pestle when crushing Brestel nuts for her salads I would consider my function a success.


  • Solid Design
  • Impressive Cooling System
  • Delivers Two Shots per pull of Trigger
  • Lightweight, Durable Frame


  • Safety Switch in odd location
  • Cooling System compound hard to come by
  • Availability Limited

Khara's Palestro's Wholesale Firearms "Fathom" Heavy Blaster Pistol Roleplaying Stats

Model: Palestro's Wholesale Firearms "Fathom" Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blasters: Heavy Blaster: Khara's "Fathom"
Damage: 5D+1/3D (See below)
Range: 3-10/30/75
Availability: 3, F
Cost: 900

GM Notes: