Important Features

1. Slim Profile. Allows for easy concealment.

2 Charge Port. Requires a minimum of three hours charge time to bring weapon up to full power.

3. SureGrip Technology Assures one won't lose their grip on such a small weapon.

4. Shot Indicators. Informs user of shot's remaining.

5. After market Gwarana Arms Scope. Minimal usefulness on such a short ranged weapon.

6. Blaster Gas Holding Cylinder. Uses standard Eleton gas; use of a more powerful gas has resulted in accidental damage and death.

As a weapon, I would put this blaster in the category of "why bother?" The energy cell is so small it can only manage two shots at a relatively low strength before the weapon has been completely discharged. The range on the weapon is a ludicrous 5 meters at best. What's even more laughable is that Ms. Doone has had a laser sight installed so she doesn't miss.

I have pointed out to her the faults of this weapon but she insists on carrying it. She claims that it is far more easily concealed than an average blaster, and I have to agree that this is true, though given many of her wardrobe decisions, I've noted that there is little room for concealment of a strand of Hynerian Silk, much less a blaster. She offered to demonstrate but I respectfully declined.

The positives of this weapon are few, but I will try to be as objective as possible. It is well made, as Tisoni Arms have made a name for themselves in the industry by producing high quality weapons utilizing superior materials. The design is solid, as such, though there are no real revelations to speak of. Tisoni Arms has, by and far one of the most impressive marketing departments in the galaxy, ranking near the top alongside BlasTech and SoroSuub. Appealing to the vanity and style of its high-end clients, the company presents a standard weapon in an attractive manner, thus ensuring that the item, in a market with superior and lower priced competition, will still sell extremely well. Still, the Z14 does what it is advertised to do, and that at least ensures that the claims made by the manufacturer are accurate.

Instead of using a standard blaster power pack, this weapon is literally plugged into a standard outlet and charged for no less than three hours. Afterwards standard Eleton Blaster Gas is injected into the weapons holding cylinder. Such a small charge puts out an almost undetectable signature, making it very difficult to find even when using a weapon detector. Combine that with its small size and rather flat profile and Ms. Doone assures me that she can hide this blaster almost anywhere about her person. I shall take her word for this.


  • Easily concealed
  • Almost undetectable
  • Slim profile
  • Easily modified


  • Extremely short range
  • Minimal Shot Capacity
  • Low shot strength

Khara's Z14 Roleplaying Stats

Model: Tisoni Arms z14 "Harpy" Micro Blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blasters: Micro Blaster: Khara's Z14
Damage: 2D+2
Range: 1-5/ no effect at further ranges
Ammo: 2
Fire Rate: 2 Cost: 650 (power pack 10)

GM Notes: