Important Features

1. Netfali Arms Gen 3 Point Red Scope. Increases the chances of hitting long range targets.

2. Netfali Arms TightBeam Laser Targeting Unit. For use in close quarters combat.

3. Cooling Vents.

4. Optional Rifle Muzzle. Used to convert weapon from close range to long range rifle.

5. Skuhm Leather Handgrip. Decreases likelihood of dropping weapon.

6. Power Cell.

7. Wide Shot/Rifle button. Used to switch weapon from close-range to long range.

8. Extended Trigger Guard. For aliens with extended digits.

During Captain Moonthall's many travels and at various times crewing on ships he has informed me that he has been present during pirate boarding attempts.
I say "attempts" because he has assured me that this weapon, the Netfali Arms 00-70 "Gutchecker" Special has thwarted almost every attempt on any ship he's been on while wielding it.
I can honestly say this claim is dubious; while a powerful weapon, I believe it suffers from being a bit too "ambitious". Instead of simply designing a potent and effective Deck-Clearing Blaster or Decksweeper, Netfali Arms chose to try to increase the versatility and usefulness of the Gutchecker by making it a multi-faceted weapon. Not only is this weapon useful in close-quarters combat, but also with the addition of a detachable muzzle Netfali Arms has created a mediocre long-range rifle, at best.
In the many trials I put it through, the deck-clearing capabilities were exceptional, while the long-range aspect was negligible. In addition, if one wants to change the weapon over from close to long range they must attach the muzzle, and from my research the weapon has been known to suffer from two problems.
First, the threading on the muzzle is easily jammed with dirt and debris, causing it to thread improperly-and rendering the weapon useless until the device can be cleaned and the offending foreign matter removed. Second, the micro-processing system that links the muzzle to the rest of the weapon has been known to malfunction if the muzzle takes any damage. Unfortunately, instead of simply resulting in an inoperable weapon, the system fails to recognize the muzzle at all, a complication that has resulted in the weapon discharging a blast and the muzzle becoming nothing more than a lethal obstacle that has resulted in several deaths and a recall of the weapon.
Still, Captain Moonthall has assured me he's never had any complications with the weapon and it has saved his "neck" (my entry, he used a more inappropriate anatomical reference) on more than a few occasions.
Still, one must consider that if you are to use this weapon as it was intended, in both modes, you are also burdened with the weight of an additional scope that of course is useless in close quarters combat, though Netfali Arms has appended a tactical laser targeting unit, though its effect is minimal and I suspect it was added merely to reduce stock of their poor selling product and to increase the weapons cost.
The only other design flaw I can note on this weapon is the location of the cooling vents. Anyone with long fingers, namely aliens using this weapon could potentially get burned when the weapon vents. Still, the vents are far enough from the weapon's grip that humans shouldn't have any trouble.
Overall, while this weapon may be useful in close quarters, I can't recommend it for any other purpose.


  • Extended Trigger Guard
  • Increased Fire Rate over comparable weapons
  • Easy to maintain
  • Close-Quarter Mode performs reliably


  • Long-Range Mode mediocre
  • Rifle Muzzle has serious design issues
  • Scope and Laser Targeting Unit's usefulness negligable
  • Cooling Vents may cause some users problems

Race's 00-70 "Gutchecker" Roleplaying Stats

Model: Netfali Arms 00-70 "Gutchecker" Special
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: NA 00-70 Gutchecker
Range: 2/5/15 (Close Quarters Mode), 25-125/200/325 (Long Range Mode)
Ammo: 15 (Close Quarters Mode), 25 (Long Range Mode)
Damage: 5D (Close Quarters mode), 5d+1 (Long Range Mode)
Fire Rate: 2 (Close Quarters Mode), 5 (Long Range Mode)
Availability: 2, X Cost: 1875

GM Notes: