Important Features

1. Novaless Soni-Optics Target Imager. Increases the chances of hitting long range targets.

2. Power Pack Release Lever.

3. Low-Power Pulse Warning. Standard on many Blastech Blaster, alerts user when his power pack has five shots left.

4. Flash Supressor.

5. Power Pack. Modified housing increases shot capacity by 20.

Now this is what I like to see. A solid, proven weapon with few modifications that is easy to clean, maintain and upkeep. When Captain Moonthall presented me with this weapon I merely nodded in acknowledgement of a quality choice in firearms. While I may disagree with everything else about the human-his hygiene, manners, tendency to imbibe, well, I could go on, but the point is that I cannot fault him for his choice in blasters.

The BlasTech DL-56 is based on the tried and true design of the classic DL-44, with some upgrades and improvements on the older, reliable design. While many mistakenly believe this is a standard blaster and not a "heavy blaster" that is due to incorrect reporting in many of the trade magazines. Rest assured, this is a heavy blaster, despite what you may have read.

First, I would like to commend Captain Moonthall on spending some of his hard-earned credits on the Novaless Soni-Optics Target Imager. While I'm sure the credits could have gone to several cases of his favorite hard liquor, that he spent the credits on something that might actually keep him alive instead of killing him from within shows he's not destroyed all of his brain cells-yet.

Given that Captain Moonthall spends much of his time inebriated, the addition of the Novaless Soni-Optics Target Imager may be one thing that can carry him through a firefight. It's greatly enhances one's skill and is a proven commodity when added to any ranged weapon.

The only other "after market" addition made to this weapon is a modification made to the power cell housing that enables the weapon to increase it's shot capacity by almost eighty percent. Captain Moonthall confided in me that this modification was performed by a "buddy of his on Elshandruu Pica" who owed him for smuggling a crate of black market holos through Imperial Customs. I informed him I was proud of him and that he was a credit to his species before asking him to leave so I could perform a memory wipe of the last three minutes.

Nonetheless, his "buddy" seemed to know what he was doing and the modification does indeed increase the weapon's performance without any noticeable side-effects.

There are few downsides to this weapon, as it is based on such a solid previous schematic. The stun selector is somewhat small, and can be hard to switch depending on the size of one's hand (especially for Captain Moonthall, who fires right handed-and thus with his cybernetic prosthesis).

Because of the aforementioned after market modifications, this weapon would most certainly be classified as "illegal" in many systems, a point I made to Captain Moonthall that was met with several rounds of uncontrollable laughter.

I've read reports that some users experienced a warp in the barrel due to overheating but after several rounds of testing I've not been able to confirm this rumor.

Overall, an impressive weapon from a respected manufacturer that was able to improve on a classic design. I only wish all of Raptor Squad's weapons were this elegant and simple to service. Still, a droid can dream, can't he? Actually, no, that's impossible as droids do not sleep, not that I would ever get the chance to even if I could.


  • Novaless Soni-Optics Target Imager
  • Increased Shot Capacity
  • Proven Design
  • Reputable Manufacturer


  • Stun Selector small
  • Illegal in most systems due to modifications
  • Possible barrel warping issue
  • Cost

Race's DL-56 Roleplaying Stats

Model: BlasTech DL-56 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Difficulty : By range
Skill: Blaster: Heavy Blaster Pistol
Range: 3-7/30/50
Ammo: 45
Damage: 5d+1
Cost: 1425 (new) / 2225 (w/Scope)

GM Notes: