Important Features

1. Secure Chassis Clamp.

2. "Raptor Saver". Prevents misfires.

3. Rear Loading Energy Cell.

4. Tek-SINS Interface Grip. Allows Tek increased accuracy and Shot Placement.

5. Frame Built from Same High-Impact Resistant Material as Tek-SIMS chassis.

I can honestly say I was surprised (a rare occurrence for me) when I asked Tek-S.I.N.S if I could analyze his weapons. You must understand that I knew the human he was modeled after, and in fact, apparently interfaced with to gain his neural functions, Ket Adkins. In the short time I knew him, Adkins was a moody, paranoid individual who literally “dared” anyone to touch his weapons, on the risk of harm.
So when Tek-S.I.N.S gladly offered them up, I was a bit taken aback and inquired about this shift in perspective. He reminded me (not that I needed it, I just didn’t want to make an assumption) that while Adkins was unstable, he had the capacity and programming to understand the benefit of my inquisitiveness, should he ever be incapable of repairing or maintaining his own weapons.
In regards to the weapons, I asked him why he chose to craft his own, rather than relying on a pair of Caelli-Merced Sentinel IV’s as, his predecessor did. He quite astutely opined that those particular weapons would not fit his digit configuration to achieve the optimal functionality. I agreed.
Tek-S.I.N.S. weapons are impressive to be sure, for several reasons. First, and most notably, is what he refers to as a “Raptor Saver.” Upon his inclusion to the team, he installed a diagnostic scanner atop each blaster-as he interfaces with each weapon, the “Raptor Saver” is loaded with the most up-to-date information on each member of the team, from a visual library to DNA samples, if this sensor detects that the weapon is about to be discharged at a fellow teammate, it locks down the firing mechanism.
I asked him who suggested this modification, and to my surprise (again) he informed me it was of his own design. Upon his admittance to the team, his programming was clear: Protect all members of Raptor Squad at all costs. I questioned the sentiment, as Adkins was full of deception, but Tek-S.I.N.S. assured me there was no deception to be had. Only time will tell.
The weapon has a chassis clamp that allows him to fasten the blasters directly onto his hips or in the rear of his chassis, and are designed in such a way, utilizing the same high-end impact-resistant material he is constructed from, that they blend in almost seamlessly to his framework. So seamlessly in some cases I’ve seen him walk past peace officers with them affixed to his chassis and not one raised an eyebrow.
The weapons interface with Tek-S.I.N.S. through the grip, and again, provide a link between user and device that increases its performance.
The damage output is sufficient, but the real lethality comes from Tek-S.I.N.S. ability to dual wield the weapons. It is a sight to behold, as he can make shots I’d never seen another sentient or droid being make. I dare say he’s faster and more capable than Adkins was-an impressive, and frightening, bit of commentary.


  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • "Raptor-Saver" Security Measure
  • Direct Interface with User
  • Durable
  • Easily Concealable


  • Availability
  • Unusable by anyone other than Tek-S.I.N.S.

Tek-S.I.N.S. Custom-Crafted Roleplaying Stats

Model: Custom Crafted Heavy Blaster
Scale: Character
Difficulty : By range
Skill: Blasters: Heavy Blaster Pistol: Tek-S.I.N.S. Custom Crafted Heavy Blaster Pistols
Range: 3-10/50/125
Ammo: 50
Availability: X
Damage: 4d+2
Cost: Not For Sale

GM Notes: