Important Features

1. Bogi Laser-Targeting Device. Improves accuracy of weapon.

2. Cushioned Shoulder Stock. Ergonomic design allows for extended firing by reducing fatigue.

3. Colored Blaster Pack. Decreases likelihood of losing in thick jungle underbrush.

4. Forward Grip. Allows better control over weapon in inclement weather.

5. Durable Housing. Moisture resistant. Can withstand high-impact blows that would crack or shatter other weapons.

Used exclusively by Vahri Sa'Mondaley of Vornskr Pack, this carbine is manufactured by Mengali Munitions-one of a dozen weapons manufacturers on her home planet of Mengali. Mengali, a predominantly jungle planet dominated by several massive mountain ranges, has been in a constant state of warfare for hundreds of years. Clans fight continuously over land, resources and even orbiting space stations.

Because of this constant state of flux and unrest, weapon manufacturers on Mengali often align themselves with the most powerful clans, and should that clan be defeated, the company becomes property of the victor, and designs are re-evaluated and improved upon. It is because of this that many of the weapons you find on Mengali share similar characteristics, regardless of the manufacturer.

Mengali Munitions has gone through a change of ownership no less than half a dozen times (that I was able to determine from outdated data records in the New Republic Archives). Still, it is the dominant manufacturer on Mengali, producing some of the finest weapons and incorporating some of the best ideas from previous Clan Ownership.

The Clan Mondaley Blaster Carbine is a strong, rugged and powerful blaster. Shorter than many blaster rifles, this design decision is due to Clan Mondaley's constant warfare in the urban centers of Mengali. While the planet is dominated by dense jungle and rainforests, there are still major metropolitan areas across the globe, and many of them are in a constant state of war.

The short design allows for ease of movement in an urban setting, while the housing for the weapon has been designed to keep out moisture and debris from the indigenous environment. An ergonomic design flow reduces sharp edges and hard angles that would normally prove uncomfortable when handling the weapon for long periods of time and the impact-resistant frame ensures a high fall onto duracrete won't cause irreparable damage.

Private Sa'Mondaley has added a laser-targeting device. Developed by Bogi Optics, the laser sight does increase the weapons ability to pinpoint targets, though the battery life is poor and needs to be replaced on a semi-regular basis.

I questioned Private Sa'Mondaley as to why the Blaster Pack is so brightly colored and she informed me that the yellow and black scheme makes it easier to locate should one drop it in the dense jungle underbrush or among urban rubble. A dark or black power pack dropped due to the rainfall or humidity may be lost forever- the color scheme ensures easy retrieval.

The downsides to this weapon are few. The first is availability. Mengali is a war-torn planet and the export of weapons is dependent on what clan controls the space around the planet at what given time. Shipments headed off planet are as likely to be destroyed before leaving the system, as they are to successfully make the jump to hyperspace. Because of this, cost for this weapon is slightly higher than one can expect to pay for a similar model by a competing manufacturer.

The internal components are standard as with many blasters, but the weapon works best when using a prismatic crystal indigenous to Mengali and fashioned to work best with the Mengali Munitions design. It is because of this symbiotic relationship between the crystal and static pulse adaptors that allows the carbine increased range. I've experimented with similar crystals but the range decreases significantly, while the damage of the weapon suffers, albeit minimally.


  • Durable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Consistant Performance
  • Increased Range


  • Availability
  • Some Components difficult to locate
  • Slightly Higher Cost than competing brands

Vahri's Mengali Munitions Clan Mondaley Blaster Carbine Roleplaying Stats

Model: Mengali Munitions Clan Mondaley Blaster Carbine
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: carbine: Vahri's Mengali Munitions Clan Mondaley Blaster Carbine
Cost: 1200-1400 credits
Availability: 3, F
Ammo: 100
Range: 5-50/100/250
Damage: 5d+1

GM Notes: