Important Features

1. H.H.U.D. Holographic Heads Up Display. Allows for improved accuracy at long range. Can project information/data on screen or above weapon if needed.

2. Integrated computer system tracks number of shots and alerts when new blaster clip is needed or weapon is close to overheating on weapons H.H.U.D..

3. Laser Targeting System. Can also be used in conjunction with the H.U.D. for improved accuracy or on its own.

4. Intensifier Dial. Can alter the strength of blast energy, from Stun to Maximum Damage x2.

To call this weapon a blaster is laughable, even for a droid. Quite simply it's what many call a "Hand Cannon". Why a being that's mastered countless forms of martial arts and is an expert with a vibroblade would need such a weapon is beyond my comprehension. I've often speculated on the nature of "overcompensation", vocally- but was told to simply "shut up and fix the damn thing." Still, I've filed that as a course of query for a later date.

On to the facts. This weapon can hardly be called a DC-17. It has been so heavily modified, refitted and enhanced that it bears little resemblance to the weapon of the same name. In fact, in my extensive dismantling of the weapon, I can find few traces of its original DNA, save for the firing mechanism and a few other components. The being who crafted this weapon for Palisades was a master of their craft however, and while many experimental modifications such as this often prove fruitless, if not deadly, this one is surely the exception.

Of the many modifications, a H.H.U.D has been integrated into the frame, and is a nice addition, allowing the user to be aware of energy expenditures, maintenance issues and the like. It also has the capacity to improve one's shots, especially at long range. This is tied to an onboard computer system making the whole package rather impressive. A "Shot Intensifier" dial was also added, that allows its user to adjust the power of the blaster bolts. A nice feature that can come in handy (especially at long range), but one that can quickly deplete a blaster clip if the user isn't careful.

I would cite that such modifications generally lend themselves to malfunctions and damage-especially in combat situations, however, as I've already stated, the armorer who crafted this work of art-and make no mistake, that is exactly what this is-did a superb job in reinforcing the frame and sealing its vital components from exterior abuse.

However, every piece of art has its price, and this one is no exception. This weapon is HEAVY. So much so that the designer who re-engineered it included a handgrip mid-length beneath the barrel so the pistol can be held like a blaster rifle, if need be. Many beings would find it difficult to raise this with both hands, let alone one. It's a good thing Palisades keeps up his strength training; otherwise this would be a very attractive flimplastweight. The energy expenditure is high, but that is also due to the nature of the DC-17's multiple shot design, therefore the user needs to insure they have multiple blaster packs in reserve for an extended firefight. If using the "Maximum Damage" setting the weapon also requires a considerable cool down period-valuable time not often afforded in an intense firefight.

Upkeep and standard maintenance is high. I can barely imagine what Palisades would do without me, a thought that I find crosses my circuits on a regular basis, but I digress. Care for this weapon requires someone with exceptional skills, otherwise the chance for irreparable damage is high.

Overall, the good far outweighs the bad, still, there are enough downsides to give one pause for consideration before using this weapon.


  • Maximum Damage
  • Onboard Diagnostic System
  • Ability to vary shot damage
  • Well Crafted; Sturdy


  • Extended Cool Down Period when using Maximum Damage Setting
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to maintain/modify
  • High Energy Expenditure

Vic's DC-17 Roleplaying Stats

Model: Heavily Modified Dc-17 Hand Blaster
Scale: Character
Difficulty : By range
Skill: Blasters: Heavy Blaster Pistol: Vic's DC-17
Damage: See Bleow
Range: 3-10/50/75
Ammo: 25
Fire Rate: See Below
Shot Capacity: Varies (3-25)
Cost: Not For Sale

GM Notes:

Damage & Intensity Settings:

Stun: Fire Rate: 3 (3 bolts per shot @ 5d)

Economy: Fire Rate: None (1 bolt per shot @ 5d+2)

Standard: Fire Rate: 2 (3 bolts per shot @ 6d+2)

Maximum Damage: Fire Rate: 1 (3 bolts per shot @ 8d+1)