Important Features

1. Cooling Vents.

2. High Impact Construction.

3. Ergonomic Grip allows room and comfort for armored gauntlet.

4. Trigger Guard offers snug fit.

5. Cryzerium Gas chamber & switch.

6. "Fallen Angels" Insignia alongside ammo indicator.
This weapon was standard issue for Palisade's former military unit on his home planet of Vol Kol. The FA-41 (Standing For "Fallen Angel"-an apt description of its owner) is a formidable blaster in it's own right, packing a solid punch, but there is more to this weapon than meets the eye.
In the centuries-long war waged against the Keegarians, a race of humanoids from a neighboring system, the Vol Kol military searched high and low for an edge in combat. That edge came with the transfer of Keegarian prisoners to a planet in the far outer reaches of the Vol Kol system, Fal Vey.
According to Palisades, a post had been established there to transfer prisoners of war, as the Keegarians seemed to have little interest in the planet (though it's strategic position would have been beneficial). Upon disembarking the shuttle, the Keegarian prisoners began screaming, and to the horror of the accompanying Ivory Brigade soldiers, the flesh literally began melting from the Keegarian's bodies, leaving them dead in just minutes.
Autopsies showed that Fal Vey's atmosphere contained a gas that was harmless to most humans but violently toxic to Keegarians.
Afterwards, a mining station was established in the upper atmosphere where the gas was strongest and a munitions factory was established planetside.
From there on, Cryzerium Gas was used in the battle against the Keegarians. In relation to the FA-41, the forward chamber is linked to the blaster pack, and with the flip of a switch, the Cryzerium mixes with the standard blaster gas and an energy bolt is produced that, when fired at an unarmored Keegarian, can prove instantly lethal (depending on the placement of the shot).
There are several downsides to this however; First, the infusion of Cryzerium causes the blaster bolt to loose it's effectiveness, rendering it almost incapable of penetrating the Keegarian's formidable armor. This is why a switch was installed to enable the infusion process.
Second, the Cryzerium does not mix with certain blaster gases, and in some cases can cause immediate combustion. While this is rare, it has happened, so the utmost care needs to be exhibited when purchasing replacement blaster gas to ensure all of the Cryzerium has been drained from the weapon before a refill.
The FA-41 is a solid and durable weapon. The frame is reinforced to handle harsh climates and terrain and Palisades has assured me that his was dropped or knocked from his hands hundreds of times during his battles on the front lines in the "Keeg Wars" and he never experienced a misfire once.
One small design flaw is the trigger guard which seems a bit of a snug fit for an armored gauntlet. I offered to extend it, but Palisades assured me one got used to it after a period, and weapons were altered for those aliens in the Ivory Brigade needing a larger guard. A small point, but one I wanted to address nonetheless.
The FA-41 comes as a standard issue along with the Fallen Angel armor, which sports dual holsters integrated into it's belt. When time permits I will be submitting an entry on that armor in the future.


  • Invaluable against Keegarians
  • Respectable Damage Output
  • Well Crafted; Sturdy


  • Cryzerium Gas volatile when mixed with other gases
  • Reduced effectiveness when using Cryzerium Gas Infuser (against anything other than an unarmored Keegarian)
  • Cryzerium Gas difficult to find outside of Vol Kol system
  • Reduced Trigger Guard Diameter

Vic's Lazhan Defense Industries FA-41 Heavy Blaster Roleplaying Stats

Model: Lazhan Defense Industries FA-41 Heavy Blaster
Scale: Character
Difficulty : By Range
Skill: Blasters: Heavy Blaster Pistol: Lazhan Defense Industries FA-41
Damage: 5D+2/4D (See notes below)
Range: 3-10/35/60
Ammo: 25
Availability: 3, R Cost: Not For Sale (Military Issue); (Black Market: 1000-1400 credits)

GM Notes: