Important Features

1. After Market Laser targeting System tied to the MFTAS in Vic's helmet.

2. Cushioned Stock. Allows for extended firing by reducing fatigue if placed against hip.

3. Patented Grip Design allows for Decreased Slippage due to Recoil.

4. High-Capacity Energy Cell for Increased Shot Output.

5. Sure-Grip® Design allows for increased comfort and reduced hand fatigue.

6. Triple-Barrell provides Multiple Shots.
7. Advanced Cooling Technology Prevents Overheating.

Very rarely has a weapon been tied so distinctly to its owner. This is the case with the Netfali Arms Triple Barrel Light Repeating Blaster, and the similarities between user and device is uncanny. Both are sudden, violent and in some cases highly temperamental.
According to Palisades, he won this item in an underground fighting competition when he was younger, as the opponent, a large Gammorean, claimed he was unable to use it because of the trigger guard.
Palisades stored this, along with his Fallen Angel armor and other mementoes he managed to smuggle off of his home planet when he was forced to flee. When he undertook the Terminus the Hunter persona to track bounties he brought this weapon out of retirement and had been using it ever since.
It is important to note that Palisades does not use this item on every mission, only in instances where “maximum firepower” is projected to be necessary.
As far as the weapon goes, it’s a lethal device that spits multiple bolts of high-damage energy and burns through standard energy cells like they were candy-coated pop bursters. In fact, Palisades had me modify this so that it can handle a heavier capacity energy cell-a modification I suggested against but he insisted (as always) anyways.
The modification puts more strain on the weapon’s already advanced and maxed cooling system, so that while under normal circumstances one pull of the trigger would rotate all barrels and deliver three shots, it now suffers from a variance issue, and anywhere from one to three bolts may emerge.
I informed Palisades of this prior to performing the modification but he claims he would rather endure the randomization than have to reload the weapon every few seconds.
In addition, I've tied the weapon to the MFTAS in Palisades' helmet, increasing the weapon's accuracy. The overall design is solid, with a cushioned stock for those that want to brace it against their hip, and a grip designed to decrease the loss of the weapon due to recoil. Originally, the weapon had a wood stock but I was forced to replace it when it began to splinter. Apparently the wood stock was an aesthetic choice for whoever owned the weapon before Palisades, as it’s original line sported a standard durasteel design, ( which I had to track down in a seedy bazaar called Yarics, located in an asteroid.
The weapon saw production decades ago, but suffered when Blastech beat them tot he market by releasing the T-21. Because the T-21 was more conservative on energy cells (and cheaper) it outperformed the NA-TBLRB and the production ceased soon afterwards. They can still be found, though they are difficult to locate and their possession is illegal in some systems due to the sheer damage the weapon is capable of. If one does find the weapon they can expect to pay handsomely for it.
According to Palisades, the weapon has saved his life on several occasions and will likely continue to see use, albeit limited, in the near future.


  • One of the most powerful LRB's I've come across
  • Durable Design
  • Integrated Laser Targeting System tied to MFTAS


  • Availability
  • Illegal in many systems
  • Potential Cooling Coil Overheating Danger
  • Cost

Vic's Netfali Arms Triple Barrel Light Repeating Blaster Roleplaying Stats

Model: Netfali Arms Triple Barrel Light Repeating Blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: light repeating blaster
Ammo: 100 (LRB)
Cost: Not Available For Sale (2500 credits black market, unmodified)
Availability: R, X
Fire Control: 1D+2
Range: 3-50/70/125
Damage: 7D

GM Notes: