Important Features

1. Carrying Handle.

2. Cushioned Shoulder Stock. Allows for extended firing by reducing fatigue.

3. Computerized Fire-Control System for Micro Grenade Launcher.

4. Micro-Grenade Launcher.

5. Internal Dampening System increases shot accuracy.

6. Micro-Grenades.

I recently requested this weapon after seeing it being used and carried by many members of Vornskr Pack during one of my many trips to Tierfon Station. Palisades requested one from him comrade Lt. Perfo Kryll who was gracious enough to provide me with a newer model. I was surprised at this gesture given the dire financial straits the New Republic seems to be in but he assured me the gift would not cripple the government's delicate economy.

The Czerka Arms "Torrent Mower" Light Repeating Blaster is truly a marvel of modern design and engineering. While the company's questionable ethics and practices have historically come under scrutiny, one cannot dismiss their consistent pursuit of perfection when it comes to the design and execution of their weapon selection.

The Torrent Mower is not only a light repeating blaster, but also implements a micro-grenade launcher in its design. This one-two punch allows special operations soldiers to not only lay down an impressive amount of suppression fire, it also provides the opportunity to eliminate much larger obstacles or take out weapons emplacements.

According to Lt.Kryll, there are few downsides to this weapon, as it generally performs admirably in the field. However, some considerations are to be made before inserting it into one's armory.

First, this weapon is only available to licensed military and mercenary organizations. Czerka Arms only sells these weapons in bulk and they are in high demand throughout the galaxy. The New Republic reached an agreement with Czerka Arms after the Battle of Endor to supply some of their Special Forces units with these weapons and while most Special Forces operators use their own gear, the Torrent Mower has become a fast favorite among the Heavy Weapons Specialists in the New Republic military.

Due to its limited availability and sheer power, possession of the Torrent Mower is a punishable offense, taking with it the death sentence in over half a dozen systems. In addition, one could find this weapon on the black market, but can expect to pay at least a 200-400% markup over its list price. I've seen some go for as high as 15,000 credits.

Maintenance and repair on the weapon requires some training, but is not overtly difficult if one has any working knowledge of repeating blasters and grenade launchers.

There were some complaints of the cooling coils failing during extended use that resulted in the weapon overheating and the subsequent detonation of the grenade housing, but Czerka Arms maintains that this was an isolated incident resulting from substandard materials being purchased from a third-party supplier and that the contract was terminated and a more reliable replacement implemented. They offered to cover the cost of the weapon, issue a replacement and cover the hospital bills and funeral costs for anyone injured by such a malfunction.

Overall, a deadly, powerful weapon with few real downsides-provided one can acquire it and can avoid the severe penalties associated with owning one.


  • One of the most powerful LRB's currently in production
  • Impressive Design
  • Simple to maintain & repair
  • Integrated Grenade Launcher a bonus


  • Availability
  • Illegal in many systems
  • Potential Cooling Coil Malfunction Danger
  • Cost

Vornskr Pack's Czerka Arms "Torrent Mower" Light Repeating Blaster Roleplaying Stats

Model: Czerka Arms "Torrent Mower" Light Repeating Blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: light repeating blaster (For LRB), Missile Weapons: micro-grenade launcher
Ammo: 500 (LRB), 10 (micro-grenades)
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: R, X
Fire Rate: 6 (LRB), 1 (micro-grenade launcher)
Fire Control: See GM Notes
Range: 3-30/100/300 (LRB) , 5-25/100/200 (micro-grenade launcher)
Blast Radius: 0-2/4/6 (micro-grenade launcher)
Damage: 5d+1 (LRB), 4D+2/3D+2/2D+2 (micro-grenade launcher)

GM Notes: