Important Features

1. Gemstone Power Meter. Alerts user of power cell status.

2. Snap Action Trigger. Prevents misfires.

3. Aurodium Monogram/DNA Scanner. Not only decorative, this unlocks the weapon for use by Xander Paddox only. Anyone else attempting to use it receives a stun blast.

4. Low Power Cell Alert Grip. Vibration alerts user when only 2 shots remain on power cell.

5. Snub-Nose Barrel. Allows for maximum damage per shot.

I have to be honest; when "Little Lord Paddox" first presented this weapon to me I thought he was trying to pull what organics refer to as a "prank." That such a small, nondescript and ordinary weapon was his armament of choice stunned me. But then he began to explain.

It turns out that what appears initially as a very simple, though elegant, blaster is anything but.

First, it is important to note that Lord Paddox commissioned Sol & Waxor Munitions to custom craft this weapon. Sol & Waxor, located on the planet Vycinyth in the Barnaba Province of the Tapani Sector has a reputation for quality firearms dating back thousands of years. Typically they excel at producing high-end sporting blasters for their noble clientele but I've observed many of their custom designs in my data files and am consistently impressed with the reviews and analysis of their products.

The AC-32 is no different, and Lord Paddox certainly spared no expense in the design and craftsmanship of his sidearm.

The AC-32 is calibrated specifically to Lord Paddox's grip and hand measurements. This means that the only person that can fire it with any real accuracy is Lord Paddox. I've often seen him at the range at JIE trying to handle larger blasters and due to the size of his hands he often has a bit of trouble. However, once he arms the AC-32 the situation changes drastically. In his hands, he can take out the eye of a Peko-Peko at fifty meters. Repeatedly.

As a deterrent to anyone using his own weapon against him, Lord Paddox has had a DNA scanner installed in the handgrip. Fashioned to look like a Monogram, if any being other than Paddox picks up and tries to use this weapon it will discharge a stun blast, powerful enough to knock a standard sized being unconscious.

Where this weapon particularly excels is in the streamlined optic suite Sol & Waxor installed. Lord Paddox wanted a hold-out with much more range than a standard market model and paid handsomely for it. In fact, he told me that it took the technicians at Sol & Waxor in additional year just to determine the design alterations necessary to achieve this goal. They succeeded and the result is an increased range twice that of most hold-out blasters.

While this is a beautiful piece and Sol & Waxor did a wonderful job, there are standard concerns you find with many hold-out blasters, and the AC-32 is no exception.

First off, repair on this weapon, while not difficult, can become troublesome, as many of the internal components are specific to the weapon. I've had to order replacement parts directly from Sol & Waxor munitions and the cost and delivery time can both increase considerably. Thankfully, Lord Paddox seems to have unlimited resources and had the foresight to order a half dozen of the AC-32's when he placed his initial commission.
Secondly, as with most hold-outs, the AC-32 cannot sustain much damage. The internal optics are so finely calibrated and tuned that even dropping it on the ground can cause the focusing lenses to shift out of alignment. Fortunately, Sol & Waxor did an admirable job of constructing the weapon, using a rare 9450-U1911 Grade Durasteel in its production (Gold Plated of Course). Still, a hard blow and even the AC-32's optics can misalign.

Shot capacity is severely limited, but this is the nature of hold-out blasters, as every shot must count. Still, the shot capacity has been decreased by 20% compared to commercially available hold-out blasters. Mostly this is due to the energy expenditure required for the increased range of each shot.

Overall, a very expensive but well constructed weapon for a man of Lord Paddox's skill. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else of course, for various reasons including the nasty shock one would receive in the attempt to fire it. Personal Note: In attempting to replicate the "prank" concept I asked Race Moonthall to test fire this weapon once I had calibrated it a short while back. When he woke up he was most upset.


  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Integrated Security System
  • Increased Range


  • Replacement parts difficult to acquire
  • Easily Damaged
  • Decreased Shot Capacity

Xander's AC-32 Roleplaying Stats

Model: Custom Hold-Out Blaster
Scale: Character
Difficulty : By range
Skill: Blasters: Hold-Out Blaster Pistol: Xander's AC-32
Range: 3-7/12/25
Ammo: 8
Fire Rate: 1
Damage: 3d+2
Cost: Not For Sale

GM Notes: