Critics Declare!
Raptor Squad Fiction gets "Three Thumbs Up!!!"

"The authors at Raptor Squad have delivered rich, textured stories that display their intimacy with their characters within exciting plotlines. I found myself cheering the squad on, sharing their intrigues, feeling the heartache of their romances, and sitting on the edge of my seat with the action! If you're looking for adventure, mystery, romance, and action - if you want it all, in a well-developed and highly entertaining package - Raptor Squad is the place to be.
Three thumbs up!!!"

- Sean 'Darklighter' Carson
Holonet Fan Fiction Forum Moderator

A Word About the Fiction

Greetings! I wanted to say a quick word about the fiction you will find here on the Gamelogs page. Beginning in late 2002, we decided to start "fictionalizing" the Gamelogs. Thus, beginning with Episode VII: Showdown on Clak'DorVII, I began writing the logs as fiction, rather than a fact by fact account which you will see in the earlier logs.
For new readers I would suggest reading Episodes 1-6 just for the background information; it may clear up any questions you have and make the actual fiction easier to navigate. Oh and a final word about the language. While nothing is as bad as what you would hear in an "R" rated movie, it does tend to get saucy sometimes. We make every effort to maintain a "PG-13" site here at Raptorsquad.Net but if even mild profanity (of the kind you would hear on television) offends you, we apologize.

So! We hope you enjoy what we are representing here and my wish is that the fiction will entertain you and, maybe for a moment, transport you to that magical galaxy a long time ago, far, far away.

-Bob, the author

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Below you will find stand-alone fiction that falls outside of the RS "linear" storyline, or, in some cases, involves supporting characters or peripheral characters. This fiction is therefore considered "Expanded Universe" fiction.

Below you will find the Raptor Squad adventures timeline as it relates to other major galactic events, including: The Battle of Hoth, The Battle of Endor, etc. Minor galactic events (As detailed in the Expanded Universe novels) such as "Shadows of the Empire" and "Truce at Bakura" are sometimes listed to give a frame of reference to our adventures.
The SW canon timeframe is rarely manipulated to coincide with events in our game. However, when this happens it is important to understand when/how events affect one another.

As time goes on and more fiction appears on the site, the timeline will be updated to reflect the continuation of the teams adventures.
As you will notice, the timeline begins with the Battle of Hoth. Each episode will therefore be listed after the major galactic events as (+3 months or "mos") and so on until the next major galactic event (Such as the Battle of Endor) at which point the # of months will reset to 0. This does away with the BOH & BOE abbreviations. If you are confused don't worry, I'm sure you will understand when you take a look. If not I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over it.

As of September 2008, the timeline has been updated to coincide with the new fiction numbering system.