Title: "Set To Kill"
Writer: Bob Rodgers
Artist: Bob Rodgers & Tracy Rodgers
First Published: July, 2005
Features: Ket Adkins, Khara Doone, Socatoa, Xu Perril, Gark the Red, Uurl, Akelish The Hutt.
Pages: 95
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Three tales all tied together by one insane gunslinger. Set to Kill digs deep into the machinations and movements of Ket Adkins upon his exit from Raptor Squad and his subsequent descent into madness. Unhinged by betrayal, instability and low-grade cybernetics, Raptor Squad’s former gunslinger sets events into motion that changes the team forever-in ways you may never have imagined.
Set to Kill is broken up into three stories:

Sees Kets infiltration of Socatoa’s ship “The Trinity” and how he dispatches the Wookiee’s crew, and eventually, the smuggler himself.

Rainy Day Creds
Driven by the need for money and an attempt to rebuild her reputation, a down-on-her-luck thief named Khara Doone takes what she thinks will be a simple job and easy credits from a masked madman. The job turns out to be anything but easy and the sacrifice far outweighs the reward .

Set To Kill
This story takes place upon Ket’s exit from Raptor Squad, preceding the first two stories and chronicles his topple over the edge on sanity. Torture, betrayal, and lost love all compound to turn an already dangerous man into a feral monster that sets Raptor Squad in his sights-and won’t stop until he sees them lying dead at his feet.