Title: Episode 10: Rebirth
Writer: Bob Rodgers
Artist: Bob & Tracy Rodgers
First Published: August, 2008
Introduces: Imperial Captain Nock'Nord, Koort Ter'chon, King Ruberious Kha-Fel ,Dabbit, The Kanker Brothers, Shera'Shaon, Grentall, Arturo, Uuric Tuumb, The Heart Twins, Ketbots, Darth Necros, Darth Fatalis, Xander Paddox, Jonus Kable, Sulin Roe, San-San, Shadra Avery, Pudge Choom, Warden Drummond, Cyruce Blaac, DeBergi, Mitch Vohar, Jen Zi, Reika Paret, Kick Farlander, Cha'Run, Terrika Mel'ar.
Pages: 494
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Book I: Still reeling from the death of A'sok and Chance, Vic and Klux head to the Elrood Sector to track down Ket Adkins while Baal recoups at Jaded Ivory Enterprises- until a string of events causes him to rush to Fibuli to prevent the annihilation of the Mew-Tao.
Meanwhile Darth Menace- formerly Raptor Squad nemesis High Inquisitor Tremayne-begins to set events in motion that will change the future of the team-and galaxy-forever.

Book II: Trapped on Rordak in the Imperial Prison Alpha-TR8, Tapani Nobleman Xander Paddox fights for his life, while on the Skullduggery bounty hunter Koort Ter'chon has Raptor Squad outlaw Vic Palisades in his sights. And on Tierfon Station a former CorSec officer named Jonus Kable tries to suppress his troubled past as he receives his newest assignment-New Republic Liaison for Raptor Squad.

Book III: The team must infiltrate Rordak and rescue Jax She'ba, while Darth Necros enlists the aid of a deadly storm commando in his quest to eliminate the Jedi. Meanwhile, Xander Paddox finds himself at the mercy of Warden Drummond, relationship troubles plague team members and those on the sidelines and finally, one team member betrays Raptor Squad!