Title: Episode 11: Murderers, Thieves & Madmen
Writer: Bob Rodgers
Artist: Bob & Tracy Rodgers
First Published:December, 2012
Introduces: Khara Doone, San-San, Khaalid Naveen, Erissa Naveen, The Shades of Night, Sulin Roe, Terminus the Hunter (Original), Tenziil Steale, Diva Rhamsoff, Velena, Barnaby Phindel, Violet Vandal & The Gutter Girls, Fantazm, Metlock Spinx, Diamond Spinx, Plundah, Povie Moster, Fal Bak'te, Jaden Sturge.
Pages: 408
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Raptor Squad is being hunted! A bounty goes out on the entire team and the payday is huge, drawing the interest of all manner of hunters from around the galaxy and an unlucky thief named Khara Doone just happens to find herself right in the thick of things! Loyalty is tested, trust is lost and new partnerships are formed in this long-awaited installment!