To: General Airen Cracken
From: Col. Jax She'ba
RE: File 18


Here follows my report on the status of the Special Operations team known as Raptor Squad. The team has become a valuable asset and has been instrumental in several Rebellion and New Republic victories.
In addition, I have also included several datadocs pertaining to adversaries and allies Raptor Squad has acquired during its involvement with the New Republic. Many of the faces and organizations may be new to you, while some, especially in the Imperial Datadoc, will be easily remembered.
Operationally, Raptor Squad has the ability to go anywhere anytime with little or no notice. It is this flexibility that has made them integral in the New Republic´┐Żs continued struggle against the Empire. They are capable of obtaining their own transport, equipment and intelligence with little or no diversion of New Republic resources. They operate equally well in military as well as fringe operations.
Please peruse this file at your leisure and contact me should any questions or concerns arise.


Col. Jax She'ba

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