Klux Martin
Status: ACTIVE

Hails from Xanath 4 and is a self-proclaimed Jedi Knight. The fact that he has the guts to openly and freely call himself a member of one of the most hunted and feared groups in galactic history speaks highly of his bravery. Or foolishness.
But whatever an individual's thoughts or feelings on the Force, Klux has the goods to back it up. He is very quiet and introspective. Sometimes you forget he is there. But when he makes a point or comment, it is with consideration and what he calls "Jedi Insight".

Vic Palisades
Status: ACTIVE

Hails from Vol Kol and is the team's directional beacon. A former Lieutenant in the elite forces unit "The Fallen Angels", the "Angels" were a branch of the planetary military, The Ivory Brigade. The Fallen angels were charged with all manner of missions, from protecting the monarchy to undercover operations. This variety enabled Palisades to acquire an impressive repertoire of skills, from piloting, to hand-to-hand combat, to disguise and mimicry. Skills that have proven invaluable on countless occasions.
Vic tends to shy away from being called the leader of Raptor Squad, but as hard as he tries to shy away from it, Vic is usually at the front of any action or decision. He is well rounded and has many talents to help balance out the team in any given operation.

Balthazar Cocaroth
Status: ACTIVE

Hails from Fibuli in the Corporate Sector and is a Protector in the Mew-Tao religion. I know you are aware of the Trianni's religious devotion and Baal is no different. He holds his religion in high regard and the followers of his religion seemed to be imbued with a Force-like ability.
Baal refutes the claim that he is a Jedi Knight, and I believe him. Baal fights with a ferocity and violence that is unmatched by any being in the galaxy, and certainly not in any manner one would mistake as "Jedi like". With his feline-like speed and agility, martial arts training and the fact that he wields two lightsabers, Baal is a whirlwind of destructive power. We are lucky that he is on our side, though I still detect much conflict and rage in him.
Recently Baal was almost mortally wounded in a confrontation with a "Dark Jedi" on the planet Rordak, requiring an extensive stay in a New Republic medical facility and various cybernetic implants and surgeries to keep him alive.

Koort Ter'Chon
Status: ACTIVE

Hails from Uba IV and is a professional bounty hunter. While a check with my contacts in the hunter world reveal little about Koort's notoriety, he is capable in a light fight and has the sense that a hunter has to posses to be successful. He's also not too bad with a hydro spanner.
Ter'chon encountered the team when they were trying to track down information on their former teammate Ket Adkins. By combining their resources, they managed to bring the rogue Raptor in and Palisades persuaded Ter'chon to join the unit. Ter'chon agreed, but the understanding was reached that he would continue to pursue bounties part-time.

Xander Paddox
Status: ACTIVE

I first met Xander in the worst place in the galaxy, Rordak. In my opinion anybody who makes it out of that hellhole is one tough customer. His noble background and upbringing of privilege help bring a sense of civilization to the team and makes it possible for Raptor Squad to be able to blend in with the high society as well as the gutter trash.
Lethal with a hold-out blaster, this young man is having a difficult time adjusting to the life of a New Republic Special Operative, but I have little doubt time will prove his value and important to the team. While young, Xander does possess a maturity forged by his time in Rordak, though he is still a slave to some vices, namely an extravagant lifestyle, good time and the opposite sex.

Khara Doone
Status: ACTIVE

Hailing from Wroona, Khara is an expert slicer and computer specialist. I am also certain that she has some other valuable operational talents, but these cannot be confirmed so will be left out of this report. Khara has been instrumental in retrieving information and obtaining intelligence for the teams operations.
The team first encountered Doone on Jalon Station where she was the target of an assassination attempt by the notorious organization "The Shades of Night." Raptor Squad aided Doone in escaping the attempt on her life and was persuaded to join after the team witnessed her proficiency working through computer systems, a skillset missing since the death of A'sok Thurgood.

Race Moonthall
Status: ACTIVE

"Can drink anything brewed, can fly any ship built," is Moonthall's motto, and while a bit of a boast, the ability and skill of Pvt. Moonthall cannot be overlooked. A former pilot hailing from the Corporate Sector, Pvt. Moonthall was a decorated member of the CSA flight corps, until he was betrayed by one of his commanding officers and left for dead, which resulted in the loss of his right arm. Eventually, fortune led him to cross paths with Vornksr Pack who he joined and stayed with for a short time before assisting Raptor Squad in my rescue from the Imperial prison planet Rordak.
Moonthall has proved to be an invaluable asset both behind the stick of a starship and behind the barrel of a blaster pistol.

Lt. Jonus Kable
Status: ACTIVE

I would like to preface this entry by establishing that when it was suggested that Lt. Jonus Kable be assigned to Raptor Squad I was imprisoned on Rordak. While I am indebted to him for risking his life to save mine, I must also point out that the Lieutenant was also known for undertaking dangerous missions to further his New Republic military career.
That being said, Jonus Kable is proving to be a bad fit for Raptor Squad, engaging in frequent arguments with the teams command element and making a series of disastrous decisions.
While one would think that his previous occupation as a decorated officer in CORSEC, the Corellian Police Force, would breed him for a successful military career, such is not the case. His attitude and flagrant disregard for anyone not serving in an "official" military capacity with the New Republic is proving to be his undoing.
For further information regarding former Lt. Jonus Kable please refer to NR File# NROXC801.

Lana Fegarn

One of the last remaining members of the Mew-Tao, Lana was first introduced to Raptor Squad when she returned from a volatile tenure on the freighter "The Brazen Gambit", which, at the time was captained by Raptor Squad's own Khara Doone.
After Yahwell's death and Shera'Shaon's disappearance, Lana took over as High Priestess and began rebuilding and recruiting new followers for the Mew-Tao in their new temple on Garnib. She was approached by Klux Martin to fill in a part-time capacity on the team and has proven to be a most beneficial addition, though her obligations to the Mew-Tao takes precedence over Raptor Squad matters, thus her status is as support personnel and part-time only.

Ten-Spot (10-SPT)
Status: ACTIVE

Purchased by Vic at the beginning on his involvement with the New Republic, Ten-Spot has moved from simply being an armorer droid to a full fledged member of Raptor Squad. he cemented this position when he sacrificed himself to save team member Koort Ter'chon during a rescue mission on the prison planet of Rordak.
Seemingly destroyed, Vornskr Pack member Jen Zi managed to salvage Ten-Spots brain and implant it in a Fallen Angel's Infantry Droid chassis. Though he is now more heavily armored and equipped, Ten-Spot has been assigned to Ship Security Detail on the Black Talon while the team is away, as well as maintaining the team's gear, weaponry and recently their conveyances.
As a personal aside, I take every opportunity to converse with this droid, as his wit and viewpoints on the team and certain situations is not only informative but entertaining as well.

Teksin (Tek-S.I.N.S)
Status: ACTIVE

Designed by former Raptor Ket Adkins as the final evolutionary step to his "Ket Bot", Tek-S.I.N.S was a prototype, as Adkins was captured not long after it's production. Equipped with Traitware and Skillware that allows Tek-S.I.N.S to replicate Adkin's owns skills, Tek-S.I.N.S was also downloaded with an AI based on Adkin's own experiences, personality and neural matrix. The AI transfer program is a revolutionary one that the droid assures me has yet to be replicated.
The difference is that "Teksin" (as he's been coined by other members on the team) doesn't suffer from the deteriorating mental condition Adkins suffered from due to his cybernetic implants. What is left is a calculating, cold and efficient killer with all of the upsides of Adkins and none of the downsides-namely the desire to assassinate the members of Raptor Squad (so they say).
I've gone on record as being against the inclusion of this team member, though Vic assures me Teksin has done nothing but perform admirably thus far. Personally, if this was a New Republic Special Forces unit under my command I would have "Teksin" melted into slag long before now.

Asok 2.0
Status: ACTIVE

From what I've been able to gather, Raptor Squad's former Computer Programmer and slicer, A'Sok Thurgood was deeply involved in advanced artificial intelligence mechanics and theory. This was a side project he kept to himself, not even telling his closest friends. Upon his expiration, a program was initiated that brought into being an artificial sentience he'd been working on. Apparently he developed the technology (or stole it possibly) to transfer his consciousness into a computer system. I couldn't begin to tell you how the science of it works, but in a galaxy with The Force and Jedi and other manner of strangeness I'm not really surprised.
I feel the same way about this situation as I do about the Tek-S.I.N.S. issue, and from what I can tell, both systems used the same technology to transfer the personalities/memories, etc. of their respective hosts. Regardless, Asok 2.0 is part of the team now, but bears watching.

Ket Adkins
aka Lotek Skidna

I first met Ket Adkins on the planet Graymoore shortly after the Wookiee, Socatoa, enlisted him in the team, which at that point didn't even have a name. Ket was the consummate killer, with a knack for blasters and uncanny quickness. He was, put simply, one of the most deadly members of the team.
Living his life on a hair trigger, Palisades informed me later that Ket worried his teammates with his nonchalant attitude towards gunning a sentient down.Unfortunately, Ket's ability was not enough to satisfy him, and he soon purchased neural implants that heightened his perception and dexterity to an impossible level. This came with a price however, as the implants also caused paranoid delusions in the young gunslinger.
After relocating to Garnib, Ket left soon after, leaving a note to Palisades in which he promised he would return. This came in the way of sending the Raptor Squad a messenger pod containing the pelt of Socatoa, a former teammate and the head of Rodian bounty hunter Croto who had assisted in the capture of the gunslinger.
The paranoid dementia brought on by his implants now caused the gunslinger to believe he had been set up by his former team, and he planned on extracting revenge. This took the form of turning me over to the Imperials (See NR file#JSP4507) and sending an explosive charge through the front of Jaded Ivory Enterprises, Palisades front company.
Raptor Squad, tiring of the games, eventually captured him and turned him over to the Rebellion. En route to a New Republic detention facility, Adkins perished. The cause of death was reported as toxic leakage due to his cybernetic implants. I can honestly say this news came as a shock, as many of us who knew Ket expected his demise would come at the hands of many well-armed adversaries.

Terminus the Hunter

During the earlier years of Raptor Squad, the team was joined on several missions by the famed bounty hunter, Terminus the Hunter. As I'm sure the General is aware, the myth of Terminus the Hunter is long and elaborate, with many theories surrounding who or what he is and what his motivation is.
According to an interview with Palisades, Terminus unloaded a blaster into a contact on Ord Mantell for no reason. Given the randomness and violence of this action, Raptor Squad felt it best to part ways with the bounty hunter, especially after the brutal attack on other team members by Ket Adkins. The team had no interest in repeating such a mistake.
Terminus served on one last mission with Raptor Squad, when the team travelled to Tatooine to follow up on a personal mission initiated by Palisades. According to reports, he was killed in the line of duty, his body destroyed in an explosion.
I would also like to point out that the theory/rumor that Vic Palisades was in fact Terminus the Hunter is still unfounded and since Terminus' demise, it appears concrete evidence to prove or disprove the rumor will be impossible to come by.


Socatoa was the Wookiee captain of the 3-Z Nova freighter that the team originally crewed on. I encountered Socatoa when I was part of a team that liberated him from an Imperial slave ship. From that moment on he began working for the Rebellion. I initially assigned him to a spec ops team known as "Firebrand 9". Unfortunately, the youth and inexperience of the team saw its downfall, with Socatoa being the only remaining member.

Afterwards Socatoa crewed with Raptor Squad-until his apprehension by Captain Nock'Nord over the planet of Graymoore. Once again I was responsible for helping to liberate the Wookiee and once again assisted him in recruiting several new beings for his own spec ops team, "Nova Strike". This unit consisted of Socatoa, a New Republic Quarren named Xu, a Shistavinean named Uurl and a Rodian known as Gark the Red. The last reports were that the team picked up a Wroonian Hacker named Shella Versani, who wasn't on the team for long. After the notification of her dismissal, reports from the team ceased entirely.

Some time afterwards, a package was delivered to Raptor Squad headquarters containing the Socatoas pelt. According to a debriefing given by Xu, who was found by Rebellion agents, it appears Socatoa was killed by former Raptor Squad team member Ket Adkins.

A'sok Thurgood

Hailing from the planet of Baldin, A'sok was contacted by the beginning elements of Raptor Squad to help broker a deal on the planet of Valex III. After the deal went bad he proved his usefulness when he helped Klux Martin escape the clutches of the Imperials. The team soon saw the advantages of having a near human amphibian computer specialist, and thus he began a life of infiltration and espionage with the team.

A short time later, during Operation Windfall (see NR file #NROPSWIN-44), he successfully stole secret plans for a large shield projector the Empire eventually used at the Battle of Endor.

A'sok's death was tragic and unnecessary, especially effecting Vornskr Pack Second-in-Command Deuce El'Kar, who Thurgood was romantically involved with. Raptor Squad has managed to put A'sok's loss behind them, remembering their comrade with the warmest feelings of unity and friendship.

Chance Mulgrew

Chance Mulgrew encountered Raptor Squad while on the university planet of Mrlsst, where his sister was a student. It turns out that his sister and Balthazar were friends, and the Trianni was responding to a curious transmission she sent him shortly before her death.

Planning on avenging her death, Chance fell in with the team as a "transportation specialist" utilizing his experience as a professional swoop racer to secure his spot on the team. What Raptor Squad didn't know was that Chance was running from a hefty Corporate Sector bounty for throwing an important race and that the swoop racer also turned out to be, according to Klux Martin, "Force Sensitive."

During events that the rest of the team is hesitant to discuss, both Chance and A'sok were both killed in the cargo hold of the teams ship, the Skullduggery. Mulgrew was a very angry young man, and he died much like he lived-fast and foolishly.