Vornskr Pack

An elite New Republic specforces team that operates out of Tierfon Station.

Jax She'ba

For my own personnel file please see NR file #NRC2298.

Black Light

A New Republic specforces team that seems to play by its own rules and has had its share of controversy.

Dr. Lauren Salias

Born into a life of wealth and privilege on the planet of Coruscant, Lauren Salias realized her calling was elsewhere and followed her dream of helping others when she was old enough to transfer to college.
A former med student from the planet Mrlsst, Dr. Salias first encountered Raptor Squad after an altercation with an Imperial commando unit in a series of hidden catacombs beneath the university. Dr.Salias was responsible for tending to the teams wounds and assisting in its recovery. Out of appreciation, Raptor Squad offered Dr.Salias transportation to the Corporate Sector, where she had an internship position awaiting her.
After witnessing the violent genocide of the Trianni on the planet Fibuli by the CSA, Dr.Salias reconsidered her job offer and eventually accepted employment by the New Republic.

Cyruce Blaac

As the General may already be aware, Cyruce�s involvement in the New Republic is somewhat difficult to uncover. While I understand he was brought on to assist in the Ket Adkins situation, I was never fully introduced to Blaac until recently.

My efforts to uncover his area of expertise and specialty have borne no fruit I�m afraid. Repeated requests for personnel files have come back rejected, and my inquiries have all lead to dead ends. Therefore, I will simply fill in what I do know.

Blaac tends to be assigned to those cases/situations that involve �unusual circumstances�, such as Force users and Jedi. This is especially true in the case of Cocaroth and Martin, who Blaac seems to have taken particular interest in.

A quiet man, Blaac handles his duties with a cold efficiency I�ve only seen in a handful of other beings (usually Imperial). Yet, I get the impression that there is some sort of inner turmoil the man is dealing with�he seems to have a �haunted look� as if he carries the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders. I wish I could say that is a look I seldom see, but in these troubling times, it seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.